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21 Reason Why I Want to Become a Veterinarian

“Why do I want to become a veterinarian?” Perhaps, you have asked yourself the question. Just like others, you may also have it in mind to find out the distinct reasons you want to become a vet.
reasons why i want to become a veterinarian

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Some Fun Facts about Veterinary Medicine

  • The word veterinarian means working animals. It comes from the Latin word ‘veterinae.’
  • Two of the most popular pets to have are cats and dogs.
  • It is said that there is about 32.4% of homeowners own cats.
  • And 37.2% have dogs.

How much money may a vet job can give you?


  1. Were given almost 69,000 of jobs all over the US
  2. Made a median salary equaling to $82,900
  3. Can start practicing their professions after school and licensure
  4. Are the only doctors that can study both animals and humans

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10 Things to Do as a Vet Tech

  1. Spay a hamster
  2. Handle hyacinth macaws
  3. Meet ZZ Top’s vulture
  4. Bring a dog back to life up to three times
  5. Open heart chest compressions on a Great Dane
  6. Neuter a snake
  7. Handle a swan
  8. Help neuter and spay more than 12 rabbits in one day
  9. Learn how to place a urinary catheter in a male dog
  10. Draw blood from lizards

VMCAS Application Checklist

  1. VMCAS application, which has to be submitted by September 15
  2. Prerequisite courses, GPA minimum
  3. Academic transcripts, which are submitted to AAVMC by the 1st of September
  4. Test scores that must be completed or taken by September 1; Remember that your scores should be received by September 15
  5. Supplemental application must be submitted a week after you receiving the supplemental email link
  6. Letter of recommendation (You will need three references, which at least one is coming from a veterinarian. Remember that letters written by relatives are not allowed
  7. Personal interview, which will be dependent on the pre-screening

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