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Application Statement Sample

The hardest part of personal statement writing is the beginning. To simplify the task we offer to glance at our sample and get inspired.

Please discuss any other information you feel would be important to the Admission Committee in evaluating your application. If you feel that your credentials and any other information you have already provided on this form or will be submitting in support of your application represents you fairly, you should feel no obligation to write anything further here.

In November 2012, as I commenced my last year of undergraduate study at UBC, I sat on a chair in the library to start writing the requisite personal statements for dental school application. However, in the minutes spent searching for just the right words of persuasion, I was suddenly overwhelmed by intense feeling. At first it was disorienting, but the meaning of the experience became gradually clear. Episodes of my life flashed as if being viewed through a stereopticon. The journey of a young Iranian woman to American shores, where she now was on the precipice of realizing what had been impossible for her to conceive, was now at a point of culmination. On the way to choosing a career in the sciences, I had secretly devoured related knowledge for years, and had been immersed in the birth of galaxies, the structure of quantum particles and the specialization of cells. This was done partly because of the depth of my curiosity and, partly, to blot out pain from the strictures of a tyrannical father and an oppressive nation. Thus, when I realized I was on the brink of the career I passionately wanted, what more could I do but breakdown in sheer gratitude?Back home in Teheran, I struggled against my father’s abuse over countless years. Awash in depression and lamenting a life of lost opportunity, rather than creating a better chance for his children, he opted to pass on the violence that had been his legacy. As the only female child with two male siblings, I incurred his wrath frequently in my refusal to be docile. To witness the freedom enjoyed by my brothers would violate my spirit daily, as I listened to them being praised for my own accomplishments.Since my parents were uneducated and close minded in the context of our repressive culture, when it came to thoughts of my aspirations, their communication was invariably negative and highly discouraging. Insisting that I follow the path of an obedient Iranian woman, meant a menial career, if not being a full time wife and mother. With the onset of adolescent social life came new limitations. If I were even to be seen with a man, my reputation would be ruined.

All this was worsened by severe financial hardships. In fact I started my own catering business to ensure my parents a retirement without fear.

These experiences defined my childhood, but a resolution to succeed in spite of family beliefs and cultural heritage, stayed with me in a conviction to devote every private moment to study and learn. That does not mean I did not struggle with a feeling of powerlessness and distance from with my true values. However, bit by bit, through dedicated independent academic efforts ranging from concepts of existentialism to the behavioral insights of Daniel Goleman in conjunction with American college studies, I felt the incremental change away from any semblance of timidity to a progressive embrace of fulfilling career and life goals.

In addition, through working for several non-governmental organizations, where I dealt with the plight of others from a position of knowledge and strength and the understanding of the value of my contribution, I came steadily into my own.

With hindsight. I see that moment in the library was the full realization that I was in full command of my life and totally empowered. Now, in November 2015, I’m sitting here in my room writing about my future as an educator. The distance I have travelled has more than just spanned two countries. Each of us takes the pieces we are given and arranges our own life mosaic, it is simply the time that I now step back, appreciate the bigger picture and, then, stride forward.

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