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Best Job Personal Statement Examples

The best personal statement examples for jobs are interesting, highly relevant to the jobs for which they apply, and above all, clearly laid out and easy to read.

When Writing a Personal Statement Remember

  • A personal statement is not a cosmetic exercise. It’s the difference between getting a job and not getting a job.
  • You’re providing business information to professionals who have better things to do with their time than read uninteresting information.
  • Use professional standards as your best guide to content quality.

You’ll see many personal statement for job applications online, but the most basic part of writing a personal statement is to make sure the personal statement is unique and stands out. Good personal statements are highly competitive.

Our Job Personal Statement Example


For example – When going for a job in B2B sales, compare these two introductory statements in the first paragraph of personal statements:

“I’m currently a professional sales manager”


“I’m a multi-award-winning sales manager specializing in B2B sales”.

As you can see, the second example is highly targeted to a role in B2B sales where the first doesn’t even address the core role of the job for which the applicant is applying. The first applicant has effectively written himself out of contention; the second applicant has guaranteed himself a job interview.

Skills and qualifications paragraphs are similar in terms of the demand for high-quality content:

“In my role as sales manager for ABC Inc., I achieved above target sales of 35%.”


“In my role as sales manager for XYZ Inc., I expanded the company’s client base and increased market penetration, delivering increased sales across the entire spectrum of company products and increased overall sales volumes by 40% in 2014.”

Note that the first statement is almost completely non-specific, because the reader has no way of knowing what the target sales figures were, when this was achieved, or anything else which could be used as a guide to actual performance. Good personal statements deliver specific information, targeted to the job application.

The above examples are intended to show the difference between good quality information and uninformative, counter-productive, information. When writing your personal statement, focus specifically on providing clear-cut information for your readers. State facts and figures without “embroidering”, and deliver professional standards of content.

Make use of our job personal statement examples and start writing your own straight away!

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