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Best Veterinary Jokes for Students

Also known as vets, veterinarians are medical professionals for animals of various kinds – zoo animals, pets, livestock, horses, as well as other animals. Just like doctors for humans, veterinary doctors take care of sick and injured animals. In addition, they carry out surgery on animals if need be, and would also prescribe medications to animals accordingly. Vets also take responsibility of providing preventive care to animals. Typical examples of such preventive care include administrating vaccinations and giving checkups to the animals.

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Interesting and Statistical Facts about Vet

  • Gender Participation – While there are males who are vet doctors or practice veterinary, study has shown there are more women than men who practice the profession. Precisely, statistics shows that nearly 80 percent of vet practitioners are females.
  • Job Outlook – It is projected that employment of veterinarians would grow by 9 percent starting from 2014 to 2024 – this growth rate is faster in comparison with the average growth rate for all other occupations.

Vet job candidates should look forward to a fierce competition for readily available vet job openings and positions, particularly in the area of companion animal care. The best job opportunities would be more accessible to vet practitioners with specialisations, as well as those with previous work experience.

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  • Becoming a Veterinarian – Vet tech students study to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in order to become vet practitioners. And, the degree must be obtained from an accredited vet college. In addition, obtaining a state license is an additional prerequisite to become a veterinarian.
  • Pay and Remuneration – As at may 2016, veterinarians’ median annual wage was $88,770
  • Veterinarians have ample job opportunities. Veterinary medicine practitioners held about 59,700 jobs in 2008.
  • Approximately 80 percent of veterinarians work in a solo or group practice. The remaining 20 percent worked for the government, in research labs, in a private niche or industry, or at a university or college
  • On an annual basis, the United States government employs approximately 1,300 civilian vets. Vets have excellent employment outlook.
  • Veterinarians can earn over $70,000 annually.
  • Between the year 2008 and 2018, it is predicted that the volume of jobs for vets would go up by 33 percent.

The Most Popular Universities for Admission

Some universities are notable for their exceptional expertise when it comes to veterinary medicine. Some of the best universities in the world to study and become a vet practitioner include the following;

  • University of California – Davis, C.A
  • Cornell University, NY
  • North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
  • Colorado State University, Forth Collins, CO
  • University of Guelph Canada
  • Utrecht University Netherlands
  • University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

What It Means to be a Vet

First of all, being a vet starts from gaining admission into an accredited vet school. Prior to that, a prospect must attend college and get a 4-year bachelor’s degree. As a prospective vet, you must study nutrition, biology, chemistry, animal science, English and math during your undergraduate education.

There are different areas of specialties for veterinary practitioners. Once you obtain your veterinary medicine license, you can choose to go through an intensive training to specialize in a preferred vet area of specialties such as animal dentistry, oncology, radiology, cardiology, internal medicine, preventative animal medicine, and animal surgery.

Interesting Vet Jokes

A man once came to a vet doctor for medical help and the vet was wondering if he didn’t see the signpost.

Vet: But, I only treat animals.

Man: I’m aware.

Vet: So why did you come to me?

Man: I’ve been acting like an animal lately, so I think it’s best for an animal doctor to have me checked up.

Vet: What do you mean?

Man: I’ve been barking and growling since after tasting my dog’s food called Gold Barking at the Moon.

Indeed, veterinary is a noble profession to embrace, especially if you have compassion and caring traits.Know of any interesting and funny vet students jokes? You can share them right here.

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