Dorie, Professional Personal Statement Writer

Dorie is one of our preferred and most requested writers at She has been in the industry for almost 20 years, and composes Personal Statements, Cover Letters, Resumes, CV’s, Letters of Recommendation, and Letters of Intent for clients all over the globe.
Dorie has a unique background that includes PR, Marketing, Healthcare, Teaching, and Theology. Her studies and her profession have required her to do large amounts of writing. She is currently a full-time Writer and Editor, and has successfully composed thousands of documents throughout her career. Dorie takes the time to get to know each client, so that she can write a strong statement that represents that person well. Each Personal Statement Dorie creates is unique and specific to the client she is working with.
Dorie has gained extensive experience writing Personal Statements for many different types of students including undergraduates, graduates, and those wishing to pursue post-graduate programs. Her background includes writing medical school and residency personal statements, as well as statements for clients pursuing law degrees, business school, computer science and technology, and many more academic paths.With a keen eye for detail, Dorie is also one of our top Editors. She can quickly and efficiently review content written by clients or other writers to identify errors in sentence structure, syntax, and grammar. She is also able to take broad ideas and effortlessly expand upon them, as well as critiquing work to make suggestions for improvements. Dorie has developed these skills throughout her career, and honed them while working as the Graduate Placement Director at a College where she taught students interviewing and career placement skills.
Currently, Dorie also works with people who are studying English as a Second Language (ESL) to help them develop their skills. She also conducts brainstorming sessions and Interview Preparation sessions via Skype for clients interested in purchasing those services.

When she is not working, Dorie enjoys spending time with her husband and her two beautiful children, ages 6 and 7. Dorie volunteers as a Troop Leader for the Girl Scouts of America, and an Assistant Den Leader for the Cub Scouts. She is also the Volunteer Nursery Director at her church.

When you choose Dorie as your Preferred Writer or Editor, you will get the highest quality service available. She will work with you to ensure you get a document that you are proud to let represent you. After all, first impressions can only be made once, and your Personal Statement is your first impression for many academic programs.

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