Freie Universität Berlin Admissions

The Freie Universität Berlin, also known as FU Berlin is a public research university founded in 1948 in West Berlin, Germany during the Cold War. The university is home to 20,030 undergraduate students, 10,078 postgraduate students, and 4,410 doctoral students. FU Berlin is most recognized for its various degrees in Mathematics, North American Studies, Literary Studies, Regenerative Therapies, Integrative Oncology, and East Asian Studies.

Official website:

Admission To-Do List

  • Online-form university entrance qualification
  • Certificates
  • Written statement
  • Identification
  • Copies of degree(s)
  • Special applications sheet
  • Diploma
  • Transcript of records
  • Students of Freie Universität: certificate
  • Proof of English knowledge
  • Proof of other language knowledge
  • Thesis or an equivalent paper


Writing Supplement:
A Statement of Purpose (doctoral candidates only): The Statement of Purpose should be in English, no longer than three pages and provide a clear picture of the applicant’s academic and professional background and interests. It should also describe how the interests and future research plans match with the doctoral program of JFK Graduate School and the offerings and expertise of the cooperating partners. See more

Application Deadlines

July 15
Winter, undergraduate
January 15
Summer, undergraduate
July 12
Winter, graduate
February 14
Summer, graduate

Famous Graduates

Herta Müller


Gerhard Ertl


Advice on Personal Statement for Freie Universität Berlin Admissions

The Freie Universität Berlin personal statement applies to doctoral candidates only and should be an essay about why the applicant wants to apply to this area of study. It helps for the applicant to give a brief background of who they are, accomplishments they have made, and what events have led them to choose this area of study. All applicants should write their essay to make it stand out, but be very personal to them and their ambitions. Applicants should take the time to proofread their work to avoid submitting an essay with errors.