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How to Write a Professional Goals Essay

When college and university admissions officers read your personal statement they want to know how your professional goals and objectives meet the mission of the school. The most common mistake that students make when they are writing their personal statement essay for the application process is that they do not align the focus of their professional goals essay with the overall goals of the school and the program for which they are applying.

Melissa, Personal Statement Writer

When I receive a request to write a personal and professional goals essay thy first thing I do is research the school to determine the general activities and interests of the school and the specific program. This provides information on the type of students that are admitted to the various programs.

What admissions committees look for in professional goals and objectives

The questions that the selection committee members want answers for in all the professional objective essays include such things as:

  • Does this student have the level of commitment required to succeed in this course?
  • Will this student be a good fit for the methods of teaching used in this school?
  • What outstanding characteristics does this student have that will benefit the school and the program?

You should match your professional goals and objectives to those of the school and the program. This doesn’t mean that you have to change them. It means that you have to use different words and phrases to convey the same meaning while satisfying the selection committee that you are the perfect student.

Write different essays for professional goals and objectives

When you come to me for assistance in writing about aims of personal statement I write a different essay for each application. In this way you can be sure of meeting the requirements of the school in your professional goals essay. Each essay is coordinated with the specifics of the program and demonstrates that you will be an asset to the school.

Many students focus their writing on why they are choosing a specific school while the readers of the personal and professional goals essay read deeper into the writing to determine what you will bring to the program.

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