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Personal Statement for Nursing Program Explaining Low Grades – Expert Advice

A personal statement for the nursing program is usually one that is written when applying for a nursing program. Generally, it will feature all of the normal formattings that you would find in your everyday personal statement. However, nursing is a serious professional just like the other health professions that deal with life. This is why the regulations governing those who are allowed entrance into a nursing program are stricter than some other professions. Despite this, however, more and more people are gaining entrance into a nursing program even with low grades. Find some solid tips on how to explain low grades in personal statement here.

It is true that one of the ways to increase your chances of getting into a nursing program is to have good grades. But what is also true is that you can still get in with bad grades if you appreciate how to explain low grades in medical school personal statement. There are some people who ask should low grades be explained in personal statement medical. But what they do not realize is that it is much better to be open about something than trying to ignore it all together. In other words, it is better you make the institution appreciate the facts of what happened than to try to hide the information that they would find out eventually. So what is the solution? It is simple; you need to know about medical school personal statement explaining low grades and this is why this article is here to shed light on this very important subject. You will also be able to appreciate the things to avoid in your personal statement. Learn how to get into a top law school with a low GPA here.

The Benefits of a Well-Written Personal Statement for Nursing Program Explaining Low Grades

We would start by stating the benefits of a personal statement for nursing program explaining low grades and why it is great especially when it is well written. It is this that would help you to appreciate why you need to write one and why you may desire to seek the help of professional writers for personal statements recommendations. Highlighted below are 4 of these benefits:

  1. The first benefit that would be talked about is, of course, the fact that a well written low-grade personal essay for nursing program helps you to get the placement you are seeking. Generally one would expect that with a low grade, your chances to get this placement would be lost. But with a well written personal statement, it is not all lost and this is no doubt the primary benefit.
  2. Of course, a well written low grades personal statement for a nursing program would also help your institution appreciate the reason for your low grades and this would mean they won’t brand you as a bad student.
  3. It would also give you a shot at a potential interview for the placement
  4. It would help to highlight other areas that are worth considering, like other academic achievements or skills.

well-written personal statement for nursing program explaining low grades

The Format of Medical School Personal Statement Explaining Low Grade

The next thing that we would be looking at here is the format of this kind of personal statement. Generally, it is divided into three sections the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. There are other things about the format of these personal statements that must be appreciated and we would look at them below:

  • The introduction: this is usually the first part of this personal statement. It should cover your basic details and information in one paragraph. The paragraph can contain up to 5 simple sentences but it is better if it is not more than 5. The sentences should be short, simple and straight to the point.
  • The paragraphing: The paragraphing is another important part of writing a personal statement. Usually anywhere from 4 to 5 paragraphs with each containing about 5 simple sentences are recommended. The idea is to make the statement essay easy to read, so the reader is not bored or distracted.
  • The body: This is an essential part of a personal statement and that for obvious reasons. It usually contains about 3 paragraphs. This is where you should go about explaining poor scores personal statement for a nursing program. You should also highlight other skills and academic qualifications or knowledge that you may have or have acquired. You should also answer all other questions like why you want to study nursing and why you have chosen the school. These are some important things that you do not want to leave out in your personal statement.
  • The length: Also very important is the length of the personal statement and a lot of people get it wrong here. The recommended length in terms of ages of a personal statement is 1 to 2 pages. When it comes to words and characters, 500 words or 4000 characters is what is usually recommended.
  • The format: With regards to the format it is generally best to use legible fonts.
  • The conclusion: The conclusion should always appreciate the reader for the time and the consideration.

How to Explain Low Grades in Medical School Personal Statement: Tips

So if you have low grades for nursing program how do you go about explaining it. Here are 4 tips for you:

  1. You may be too close to the story so seek professional help
  2. Always stick with what is true, do not overstate anything
  3. Try to be as open and as sincere as possible
  4. State in clear terms the reason for the low grades, it could be family issues, financial issues that needed you to work as you prepared or maybe you were ill while you took the exam.

Personal statement for nursing program tip

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With this, you can now take steps in having your personal statement for a nursing program written in no time.

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