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PhD Personal Statement Example

Growing up as the youngest of 5 children, I always had the opportunity to learn from my siblings and gain knowledge beyond my years. These experiences allowed me to develop an inquisitive nature and always left me longing to know more. Fast forward 25 years later and these experiences have given me the drive, perseverance, and dedication to continue my education in social work through to the highest level.

During my years as an undergraduate and graduate student, I have realized that learning does not stop in the classroom and that there is always more to know. This has given me the attitude and belief system of being a lifelong student. In my pursuit of knowledge, I have realized that completing my education and obtaining my PhD will allow me to develop to my fullest potential. I know that the learning will not stop there and that I will have ample opportunity to grow throughout my career and lifetime. However, I also realize that the PhD program will give me the skills and knowledge base I need to provide the best service possible to my clients and co-workers.

As a student of life, I have learned that teaching is a great way to build knowledge and truly grasp a concept. Thus, it has been a part of my goal to help others by empowering them with the knowledge they need to follow their chosen paths in life and better themselves and others. As such, obtaining my PhD will equip me with the skills, knowledge, and experiences to be both a student and an educator in the field of social work.

There are many phenomenal programs available for students seeking to pursue a PhD in social work. I have made the decision to apply to your program because it takes a combined approach to learning. After doing some research, I learned that your program offers opportunities to learn through classroom experiences, mentoring programs, community experiences, volunteer opportunities, and webinars. This combined approach to learning will allow me to expand my knowledge base and focus on the learning styles that work best for me.

During the PhD program, I will utilize my natural learning, teaching, and leadership skills to facilitate a team approach to education and work with other classmates to make a positive impact to the program. Following graduation, I desire to continue on the path I have set for myself by working as a social worker, educating clients, and teaching up and coming students what I have learned. Furthermore, I plan to continue my lifelong pursuit of knowledge and continue to learn and grow!

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