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Previous Experiences Personal Statement. Feedback from Personal Statement Writer

At Personal Statement Writers we have written numerous undergraduate personal statements for clients for job applications as well as for applications to different levels of university courses. Sometimes clients are a bit hesitant about hiring us and want to know specifics about how our personal statement writers work when they do not know the clients for whom they are writing an experiences essay. The following is feedback from one of our writers.

Melissa, Personal Statement Writer

How I Wrote a Personal Statement Experiences Essay for an application to the Master of Education degree program

I recently completed a personal statement for a student applying to the graduate degree program for an M.Ed degree. This student was interested in enrolling in the Literacy program which meant that the focus of the academics objectives essay would need to be related to the student’s experience in teaching reading and writing to grade school students. In addition to the student’s resume and references for the application procedure I needed the following information in order to proceed:

  1. What events in your teaching career led you to the decision to further your education in this field? This information was essential in order to write a life changing experience essay, which is necessary to show the selection committee that the client was serious about becoming the best possible literacy teacher. The experiences form the basis for detailing the objectives in applying for the program.
  2. Why are you applying at this particular time in your teaching career? Again I needed to know specifics about why the student wanted to start such a program at this time – what events led the person to make this decision. In this case it was the fact that the teacher wanted to learn more about how to help struggling readers and writers.
  3. Why are you choosing this University? This was an important consideration because there is a university much closer to where the teacher lived. The reason was that the university in the home province didn’t offer such a program in the Education Faculty.

Then I had to carry out research on this university to determine the requirements for the experiences essay that had to accompany the application.

The next steps of personal statement writers in writing an experiences essay

When I gathered all the information necessary to start the experiences essay for the teacher, I then wrote a first draft ensuring that the first sentence of the essay was one that would catch and keep the attention of the reader. The problems that led to the teacher applying for this program made up the main body of the University personal statement and then I brought the essay to a unifying conclusion. The student was successful in being accepted into the program.

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This is the process all our personal statement writers use in order to create the first draft of any personal statement. The rest of the process involves sending drafts to the client for approval and editing the final draft.

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