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Right Example of Personal Statement Letter

cover letter personal statement examples onlinepersonal statement letter is a short essay that introduces you to either the college or firm that you are seeking a position or a placement. It is important that when you are writing a personal statement you follow general guidelines; but each personal statement must be personal in the long run and this is why general guidelines does not always work. This is why among our many services and different packages, we offer professional help, assistance and guidance in writing personal statements, cover letters, statement or purpose and letter of intent.

This is important because our professionals who have expertise and experience would be able to guide you through the process. They would also go beyond just giving you general guidelines to ensuring that the final document is personalized to you.

Important Features That You Will Find in Cover Letter Personal Statement Examples

example of personal statement letter 2017A personal statement must be personalized and our professionals are well trained in helping you personalize your personal statement by applying the general guidelines to you. You can proceed to place your order and get started with us immediately. Once your payment has been confirmed, you would be assigned a professional expert that would guide you through the whole process. Our support staff are also available to help you with any query or question that you may have.

Below, we would take a look at steps to take when writing a personal statement yourself.

  • Step 1: Create a draft

Before you start writing your personal statement, it is important that you first create a draft. The draft would contain key points of what you intend to cover. Points like who you are, what you do, your skills, and things relevant to the placement or position that you are seeking. If it is a degree program then you need to add to your draft what drives you towards that area of study and any relevant experience or knowledge that you have had or acquired along that line. Basically a draft is a rough sketch of what your personal statement is going to look like.

  • Step 2: First paragraph

This paragraph should contain only basic details, like who you are and what you are applying for. You do not need this paragraph to be too long. Try to stick to the point and avoid been overly detailed. Always use simple and short sentences because they reduce the chances of you making grammatical errors and mistakes.

  • Step 3: Second paragraph

This is where you want to talk about your reasons for applying. These paragraph would be fairly longer than the first but still not too long. Here you should also follow the same approach in the first paragraph, that is, short sentences, avoid been overly detailed and straight to the point. You do not want to bore the reader. Two pitfalls you must avoid are; saying something that is not true, that is, something that you cannot defend and overemphasizing your strengths. You should try to be as sincere as possible but do not also bring yourself down in the process because that would defeat the whole purpose. In this paragraph talk about any experience you have that makes you perfect for the placement you are seeking. Below are two examples of a student applying for a Master’s degree in Economics and an accountant applying for a job at a bank.

My love for economics predates my college days when I was appointed the treasurer of my science club in high school. I just enjoyed keeping the account record and ensuring that all we did was within budget. This nursed my desire to seek a degree in economics, and with the economic world constantly evolving, I am also constantly seeking ways to expound my knowledge in this field that is endeared to me.

As an accountant I have always strived to improve myself through various certifications and fellowships which are well elucidated in my resumé that is attached herewith. From your requirements, it is clear that you want someone with ample experience and I believe I fit this well. I have worked in both banks and accounting firms; and this has improved my diversity in the field of accounting.

  • Step 4: Concluding paragraph

Always ensure you conclude by appreciating the reader for the time and for the consideration. Here you can add any further information that would improve your chances. The aim is to conclude in a respectful tone and a reassuring one.

The above illustration of a right example of personal statement letter, shows the features that an ideal personal statement letter should have. A well written personal statement may just be what stands you out from other applicants, so place your order now!