Admission Essay Sample On “If I Were To Write a book”

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If I Were To Write a book

Owing to the rising family issues, it could be my desire to write a book on the indefinite increase of HIV &AIDS in the family. A book that could enlighten the family on matters related to HIV AIDS and sexuality.  Many families around the globe, especially Africa, have been affected and infected. HIV is the virus which cause AIDS thus it weakens the immune system through attacking the CD4 cells. This occurs when the immune system has failed and the body cannot protect itself anymore. Also it’s the final stage in the development of HIV to AIDS. The book will focus on what contributes to the spread of the infection, modes of transmission and its effect on the family, plus in encouraging people to understand how to avoid being infected and how to live positively with HIV.
Poverty being the main contributor of all shortcomings in many countries has seen many married women or men, give their bodies in exchange of money or jobs to earn a living. In most scenarios, negotiation of protected sex is unavailable, as unprotected will earn more money compared to protected. This has seen innocent partners getting infected thus the introduction of this book in writing, will enable people deal with HIV related issues, and improve knowledge on how to avoid factors contributing to denial, re-infections and drug resistance.

Stigma is setting aside or pointing out. In the present society, if one is known to be infected, the other peoples either a spouse or family rejects these person and isolate them from family activities. My desire is for each person in the community to know and understand that no one ever wakes up wishing to be infected with HIV. It is circumstance that gets one in this situation. At most, when one finds that they have been infected, instead of taking silence as companion having guidelines on how to disclose HIV test results to one’s partner will ensure protection and proper admission of positive living skills.

HIV & AIDS is mainly transmitted through exchange of body fluids through oral, anal or virginal fluids, transmission of infected blood. When in contact with these, it spear heads to the transmission thus infection sets in when the virus get attached to the cells thus destroying the CD4 cells. Use of sharp objects that have been used by an infected person gives a hand in the transmission too. With people reading and re-reading about these modes of transmission, few people will be infected thus HIV cases will be under control.

Education of the children is affected when they lose a parent. In that, the older children may take responsibilities of taking care of the younger ones or even leave school to work to provide food and shelter. Self esteem is destroyed and if focus and counseling is not administered, the future of this children and the partner left behind may go downhill. Until the effects are listed down with people who have encountered the effects, no helping will ever be given out. Growth rate of children is hindered as the source of food is cut short thus the performance rate drops and the love and care which was simulated from the sick or dead parent, is in turn generated towards other improper people of the opposite sex or behaviors like stealing sets in.

A family can be kept together with efforts from each member of the family. The parents should learn how to deal with each other on the difficult days of their lives and involve the children in discussions and decision making, in order to enhance development and early wiser decision making.  Parents should be open and free to discuss sex related issues to avoid their children in engaging in sex and get sexually transmitted diseases which contribute to the spreading of HIV & AIDS, which till today has no cure. My heart most feeling of writing the book is to warn the family and individuals to realize that behavior change and communication works miracles on each problem. Inspiring other people either partner or not is a gift which better be used before it expires.

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