Admission Essay Sample On “A Piece Of Music That Has Influenced Me”

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Admission Essay Sample On “A Piece Of Music That Has Influenced Me”

A Piece of Music that has influenced me

Music in any form is specific about what it expresses than words written about those expressions could ever be. The perception and understanding of the ancient’s attitude about music can be most enlightening and hopefully beneficial for our spiritual and social development. It is country music that has widely contributed to identity of various countries like America.  It all depends on the type of art that moves someone and it’s significant.

In the current modern world, we have different generation coming up with all music types. One piece of art music that moves my nerves could be a genre of country music. From the old beats to the present high tech beats, they all focus on delivering life motivating massages. The spoken words are arranged in a manner that can be understood and its instrument formation doesn’t contradict the ancient music with a positive influence. The beauty, truth and goodness in a conjoined balance of content and form, creates an inner peace and tranquility and attaining a perfect state of harmonized relatedness to the society that we exist which is of high lesson and influence.

Through the message put across, achieving a sense of freedom of expression has been an easier task.  Songs insisting on be wiser and making the right decision without the influence of friends or family, has indeed motivated my inner expressions and relation with other people. Lessons have been put across on matters related to family, divorce, alcohol and money. It takes someone an inner feeling to connect with this heavily dense music. Its characters try to make sense of life and their surrounding which inspires me and if I were to be a musician, country music could be my type of art.

The use of the guitar, providing that deep base addicting sound that leaves one yarning for more. This has motivated culture of helping people who have been desensitized through floods, droughts and terrorism attacks. Country music emphasize on stories, the voice, and the arrangement. It is a type of music that is secular, devoted to personal, domestic or collective issues, but focusing on the entire universe. Country music has the power to express, convey and illicit powerful emotions without questions. The memories of this music has the effect of social duties without any mixture and the eyes, ears and the blood and vital energies are balanced with a wow from this art of music.

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