Admission Essay Sample On “Best Conversation Ever Had”

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Admission Essay Sample On “Best Conversation Ever Had”

Best Conversation Ever Had

         A conversation is an exchange of spoken opinions, ideas, thoughts, and or feelings. A conversation is held between two or more people. It normally deals with views on the same topic or different topics and to get information on the same subject. It also can be inform of an open ended conversation where the speaker can express on the same matter or close ended conversation where more information is not given. Conversations follow certain rules where each party speaks in turn, speakers may change and ideas are different.  Even Christians experience conversation with God through prayer. Thus conversing involves both listening and speaking.

     In a HIV counseling and counseling centre, many people and of different backgrounds drop in for the HIV test. On duty that day, a couple walked in with the aim of being tested. They’ve been married for 3years, with 1 child aged 8 month s. The aim of them coming for the test according to the female couple, they had separated for 4months and she was suspecting the husband of infidelity. The husband on his opinion agreed to the test because the wife doubted him but he had no objection to the test and sharing result. It could be a conversation of the year where one of the couple is on a different page with the other.

When enquiring what they expected of their results, the couple was doubtful of each other’s result but they calmed each on whatever outcome. In the recent World Health Organization (WHO), preference HIV & AIDS in married couple has increased to a 2.34% in 2009. Thus the expected results could be different, either discordant (one of the couple could be either positive or the other negative) or concordant (either negative or positive). After the explanation of the result outcome expectation, the test was done and waited for the result. While waiting, the woman from her physical expressions, she judged the husband to be positive. The husband challenging her to wait for the test results, and was sure to bear any results that could come out. In addition, he inspired her that he was to support whichever her results.

The results were out and the reaction was not has expected. The fun part of the session was to give the appropriate information that could help these two couple with the situation they were in and how to handle each other. From the conversation, it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication that can make World war erupt. But they had answers to what next in their relationship from communicating more and trying on counseling sessions.

It was the best counseling conversation I have ever had of a couple fighting though they valued each other and had a solution to their endeavors. It all takes skills of probing, paraphrasing and active listening to help someone to attain positive behavior change and deal with the immediate problem.

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