Admission Essay Sample On “Cancer: A Negative Experience With A Positive Influence On My Life”

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Cancer: A Negative Experience With A Positive Influence On My Life

 Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.  It can affect any part of the body from bones, colon, blood or skin. Cancer diagnosis and treatment vary from one person to the other. It depends on the location of attack. The main deal is to cope with all the changes accompanied with the illness positively.

People are nowadays getting diagnosed with different types of cancer.  When my mother was diagnosed with cancer eleven years ago, life changed drastically. The fear of losing her so soon loomed in.  I couldn’t understand how to handle the situation. All the advice and conversation of the doctor and nutritionist were like passing wind. It was like their lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear any sound coming out. Has days went by, the news sunk in, as the reality was now with me. I learnt that sometimes it helps to be sad and reflecting on the issue at hand before you can adjust to the situation and begin to cope with life again. The experience with cancer can be depressing but it gave me a positive influence on how to face life.

Diet changed as she was to eat beneficial food that was to combine with drugs given to work perfectly. Trips to the market were twice or three times a week. Most food stuffs could trigger vomiting and others loss of appetite. Taking time to read through books and understand the kind of diet that could reduce the side effects of drugs, made me learn a wide variety of importance of diet in conquering any illness. Though dealing on a lot of adjustments, I learnt that nutritious drinks also are of great importance to one’s health. It helps improve appetite, overcome weakness or tiredness and encourage trial of different food samples. The experiences poked the value of every drink that goes into my body thus encouraging each individual that I come across to consider fluid for a disease free body. Cancer encounter will always be my strength and confession to other people.

Financial issues were affected as she was the main bread winner which saw her moods swing from time to time. I could deal with her anger, sadness, panic attack, where all these brought about pain. The pain could be so severe that more often an injection of pain killer could be administered. I personally hate pain not forgetting the site of a needle. So it toiled on me, but she needed all the support and encouragement as she could get. My fear aside, at times in the middle of the night, I could administer the injections. All I can say is that, cancer was my greatest horrible experience that I sometimes wish no one deserves to deal with, but it made me a perfect person positively, now dealing with volunteering services to patients of all types in my community.

It takes our sense of connection to other people in intriguing and increasingly, positively influencing our health. Equally, social activities gives others quality understanding of what they might not literally understand. The yearly awareness is also perfect in giving people a chance to know more on prevention of this deadly disease that is sweeping people of our continents all over the world. Positive thinking is a key role in fighting the fears of any heart breaking occurrence thus having a positive influence in our lives.

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