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Something Important To Me: Asthma Inhaler

Asthma is the difficulty in breathing triggered by certain factors such as dust, cold, strong scent from perfumes or pollen. An asthmatic attack differs with different people according to what triggers it. The common symptoms of an attack include, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, coughing and chest tightness. Asthma is classified from acute to chronic asthma. It can be chronic but if one knows how to control it, the occurrence reduces, through the use of the inhaler. The inhaler being the most important item in my life, it helps me in relieving an attack and I hate drugs, thus so convenient.

Once I was diagnosed with chronic asthma, it was hard to deal with using of the inhaler. It changes the activities you do because you have to carry it wherever you go. With lack of predication of the weather, going to social places and even riding on public buses can be a challenge. Getting used to the condition and proper use of the inhaler, it has enabled me work in conditions I couldn’t before thus making it the most important tool I can’t leave the house without. One should work with the doctors to achieve the best way to control the illness, from medications to lifestyle and environmental changes. The inhaler is important because it works as a first aid to me but I follow a self management plan to ensure the inhaler maintains its significance in my life.

Asthma medication inhalers are of different types. My type is that of metered dose inhaler or puffer which is the common type used. It is small and convenient to carry in pockets or handbag. The meter dose inhaler delivers the medication as a mist or spray. It acts quickly by relaxing the muscles surrounding the narrowed airway, allowing them to open wider making it easier to breathe again. The inhaler becomes of great help and relieves of the attack. There are those drugs that are given to be used together with inhalers like sulbutamol which help to calm down the inflammation in the airways and stop them from being so sensitive to triggers.

When asthma drugs are used correctly, the side effects from even the inhaler can be avoided. All one should understand is that the purchase of over the counter remedies from chemists can aggravate the attack of asthma. Advice of the doctor on side effects of the medication taken can help on knowing whether to continue with the medication or change it to suit the condition. The whole aim of managing asthma is to put you in control of your condition rather than letting the asthma control you. My bride is in the inhaler which has helped me deal with asthma thus the inhaler is the most important thing in my life.

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