Admission Essay Sample On “Technological Innovation Which Affected My Community”

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Technological Innovation Which Affected My Community

Technological innovation is any form of generating development in a positive way. All technological innovations are not created equally. Hence, they do not entail the same risk or provide similar rewards. This innovation has effects on both life and behavior or change to the already existing behavior.

The banking industry is one of the technological innovations which make the whole community benefit through its banking system. It offers banking, loans and premium services which are beneficial to all people. People’s savings are kept safe from thugs and robbers, the value of the money increases at some point and the same can be used for development in a later date. Loans have seen children through high education levels. Various banking systems have been generated in order to fit each person of all levels including the investigation on how they can change the regulations in banking in order to facilitate the upcoming development of branchless banking to all.

Glowing popularity of electronic funds transfer for online bill payment, is paving the way for a paperless universe, where stamps, envelopes and paper bills will become obsolete. Payment related fraud cases do not exist anymore has the payment products and channels have changed, so have the risks of fraud. Community banking is the talk of the present technology, where people can do their small savings, deposits and checking, which is the source of secondary funding to the communities. Also these community banks have helped in the upgrading of community hospitals, schools and road.

The community at large can perfectly enjoy the unlimited support from all the projects set up for them. The old are now having free adult learning where they are thought on how to write and read, do savings, on improved agricultural methods to increase food supply. United bank projects which are carried out maybe once a year have shown a good will to the physically challenged and the less fortunate. Community cleanup has been established thus, we have a garbage free society which helps in the eradication of airborne diseases, such as cholera. Clean water supply is a gift of joy to my community as tap water is within reach of every household.

Technological innovation is an important tool for each person as it enhances life in a better way.  In each homestead, technology can be witnessed from mode of housing to the food or equipments in the house. Let us not forget that as much as technology is great, side effects can’t go a miss like lack of jobs because of the use of machines instead of a human being. The services may not be of satisfactory quality, but what matters is safety and speed. If we embrace all the benefiting technological innovations, the world can be a better place and our economy will surely be stable.

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