Admission Essay Sample On “What Supernatural Ability Would You Like To Obtain?”

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Admission Essay Sample On “What Supernatural Ability Would You Like To Obtain?”


Reading people’s mind is one crucial way of communication since the earlier centuries. Telepathy, though considered a psychic function, it is manifested in different ways, from reading cards, opening envelops and foretelling what is to come. Telepathy can be considered to be a dream and others can call it hallucination. The result of telepathy is never affected with time or distance between the sender and receiver. Making friends is not easy thus applying telepathy could help with the connection and understanding of what the person likes and dislikes. Also unmasking lies for the public, like the government contribution to the economic backslide and increases of poverty. Warning over terrorism attacks that could harm people can be a fundamental priority.

Having the gift of reading someone’s mind, I could use the gift to the best of my capabilities though in intense situations like when one is in a comma. By allowing thoughts to be shared through communicating between the sick person and the immediate family could enable pain and bad feelings to be avoided and create good and warm feelings. Also wishes of the sick could be granted though with those who believe in the power of telepathy. In children and the damp, communicating their feelings could have been made easier, has most parents don’t know how to communicate at this points.

I could use telepathy in cases where people have lost a loved one. This will enable people calm down and through that power of controlling their perception, making them understand that, the deceased couldn’t be happy seeing them sad or mourning. It is a trick but lightening someone’s face could be my happiness. Someone who has lost way home, the gift of connecting with them will make it easier to trace their way back home safely. Even with lost pets, personal items, the mind reading will trace back to the last foot print and bounce back at the item.

Telepathy is involved with the use of the extra senses in communicating and connecting with people thus making it a rare gift.  Other people can use it in good or bad deeds. It only depends on the concentration of the one with that ability and what they can do. A gift of cursing and harming people can be considered unnatural telepathy and powers towards this kind of reading people’s mind should not be used what so ever.

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