Admission Essay Sample On “Three Things I Would Change In The World If I Had The Power”

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Three Things I Would Change In The World If I Had The Power

I am always optimistic that one day it can be done. Well, it is likely to take some time before our current leaders realize the need to embrace change and stop worthless politics of hunger for power and money. The community and the world around us have become hostile especially to the common man. People are increasingly becoming selfish and full of greed with the mind of amassing wealth in banks as they oppress the poor. I wish I had the power to act immediately and stop these scandalous behaviors which have become a fatal malignancy. However, if I had the power to change the community and the world, I would target three things: poverty pattern, disease burden and leadership.

As Turkey continues to experience fast economic growth, the gap between the poor and the rich continues to widen. There is poor income distribution among different classes of people. In Turkey, it is not surprising to find some class of individuals who are 8.5 times richer than another class. While the records of poverty rate continue to increase every year, Turkey should not be considered a poor state. If income was evenly distributed, the communities in Turkey would be living in happiness. Poverty increases crime, diseases and mortality rates. All this have made some poor communities in Turkey experience poor living standards. If I had the power to change the world, I would heavily tax the rich and use the revenues to feed, educate and provide healthcare to the poor not only in Turkey but to the entire world.

Diseases continue to be a burden especially to the poor. Even the world scientists, policy makers and giant pharmaceutical companies have become overly influenced by worthless politics which benefit the rich. Today, most medicines developed target rich individuals who can afford to buy them. Since the poor have no money to afford even essential medicines, drug researchers have become biased in their effort to discover novel medicines for the poor. The leading cause of deaths in Turkey according to the World Health Organization is diarrhea which is as a result of having poor access to clean water. Malaria caused by A. sacharovi has also been blamed to cause deaths in Turkey. If I had the power to change things, I would command researchers, policy makers and governments to support R & D for drugs which can treat these diseases of the poor.

Lastly, leadership is critical for economic growth of any country. Turkey has always experienced challenges with its unstable currency, highly corrupt leaders and issues with human rights. This is because of poor leadership which has no point of figuring out on how to distribute wealth equally among all regions of Turkey.  Some areas are extremely poor and corrupt compared to other regions and the leaders still don’t seem to see any problem with such a state. Good leadership is to unite all people and share the resources in an equitable manner. If I had the power to change things, I would remove all corrupt leaders in power and prosecute them. As a motivation to honest leaders, I would reward them by publically awarding them with honorary degrees and appointing them to higher ranks time and again. This can reduce the problem of poor leadership.

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