Aphorism Admission Essay Sample

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An aphorism is a thought used to say a lot in one sentence. To write an Admission Essay on an aphorism is a complicated prose assignment. You will need to choose wisely the aphorism for your Admission Essay, if it was not already chosen by the Admission Committee, analyze the meaning of the thought, develop your theory of what it means, expand and extend your thought while staying on the topic. Below you’ll find an example of a perfect Aphorism Admission Essay.

Aphorism Admission Essay Sample

“Hell is other people”

Jean-Paul Sartre

Hell can be a state or place of evil, misery and destruction. Hell is other people, can be generated according to actions of people towards others. If a person does something negative to hurt another person, the action becomes hell in the doer. People cannot stay apart from others just to avoid being in a mix or mess up, it all depends on the outcome of the action done. Each person has a right and thus should not let what other people say about them control their life. In case this happens the offender will get a chance to make this earth a living hell let alone show the hell in them in plain text.

People and situations might come on one’s way that will test their strengths. Push one to the corner with their fears and make life miserable. All weapons can be used to destroy one’s heart and dreams but that is never touchable can redeem a person from the hell that they’ve been put through. Others can literary use others either through a job or carrying out a project for them with conditions but the final benefit is for them alone. If one has a family and responsibilities to attend to, the boss or employer administers hell to this worker. Under payments, overworking or even wife beating affects people thus I agree with the phrase from Sartre’s play, hell is other people.

A community can be well developed and donors or social supporters invited in to help in the development of projects, but due to the few selfish people corruption and disasters can arise, thus affecting all people. When we are put in hell by people we don’t wait for them to come and get us from it. You get out of hell even while the difficult circumstances continue.  Learn all tactics they use, get used to live with them and then get a strategy to get out. Draw every ounce of the courage, wisdom and insight that the underworld has to offer. Rise out of hell with new strength, because hell is other people.

We can be put through extremely unpleasant situations but understanding that hell is a condition you put yourself in when you forget who you are at your essence and lose your path. Hell is not what other people put you through. Hell is allowing your life to be ruled by fear. Hell is losing your center and ending up in a world of judgment. Taking control of every step in your life as a person before it is controlled for you because a human being is one who unveils and through that leads the individuals in the right path and not of being compromised. Sartre was right, Hell is other people.

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