Business Personal Statement

Business Personal StatementBusinesses, corporations and joint-operated ventures account for one of the largest sources of revenue, sales and economic growth in the developed world. This is why a significant number of prospective students or graduate apply for  undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Management, International Relations, Accounting, Finance or Business Administration. For any of these programs or for application to an MBA graduate degree program, a personal statement or an answer to an essay question is almost always a requirement. Every year students experience difficulties writing a great Personal Statement that will catch the attention of an Admission Committee and get them accepted. Students also tend to undervalue the significance of the personal statement and its potential impact on their acceptance. Below is a sample of a successful, convincing and effective Business Personal Statement. Our Personal Statement Writers are always here to assist you in writing a statement from scratch or editing your existed draft! Below is the Business Personal Statement sample:

Business Personal Statement

For many years I had put in a great deal of effort to achieve academic excellence in all my chosen courses and broaden my worldview, develop potential business ideas and become a mature, self-confident individual. Acceptance into the Business Development program at the University of San Diego, will provide a fruitful and productive return on my investment into self-development. This is a crucial moment in my life – the moment that will shape my future career potential. My interests in all aspects of business development, including the new era of online marketing, cultivating relationships on a personal level, learning strategies of workplace management and attempting to realize my own business ideas, have all been inspired by an unlikely and seemingly inconsequential experience in my early teens. A short, one semester course that I took in high school cultivated a desire to succeed at realizing my own ideas, working with people to achieve them and providing society with a product or service that would be in demand.

I was fascinated by the enthusiasm of my instructor and genuine appreciation of my own interests. The unique teaching methods which involved visualization, audio-sensory and kinesthetic leaning were quite appealing, productive and memorable. It was at this point that I realized business was not only a means to make profit, but a responsibility to provide a service to the community. Concentrating solely on the profit margin and being motivated by personal greed alone, results in many negative, unforeseen and long-term effects. Business is an opportunity to innovate, strive for perfection and develop the self. Take one of PayPal’s founders, Elon Musk, who after amassing a fortune founded the company SpaceX, which is one of the leading developers of modern rockets and propulsion systems today.

I have made the decision to apply to The University of San Diego so that I may pursue a similar path on my career and never stop seizing opportunities to advance to an even higher level than before. The determination to succeed in the Business Development Program stems from confidence in the ability to exceed all the program requirements, work as a team member and provide critical insight into the field of business marketing and development. The development of my home country’s economy, society and local community will always be at the forefront of any endeavour I undertake in the future.

I strongly believe that most large enterprises have failed to neglect the “human” aspects of business in the rush for a quick profit. Although profits are the main priority of corporations, they can take into account other factors such as environmental impact, social development, non-profit contributions and improvement of worker conditions without major impact. The University of San Diego’s Business Development program is renown for its emphasis on the modern principles of a social-business profit model, which appeals to my future goals. I believe the professors who advocate this model are correct in teaching a new generation of business students of how to minimize the negative effects of commodification, depersonalization of workers and outsourcing of labor to third-world countries.

I believe social issues should be incorporated into the course outline and that I would benefit from them. The program at the University of San Diego will serve as the catalyst that will propel me closer to my career goals and provide me with a deeper understanding of the business-social matrix within which I find myself everyday, as a consumer, citizens, family member, environmental advocate and innovator.

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