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Government/Politics Personal Statement

I have realized how the power of government and politics is influential across the world, and it has captured my attention as the subject for my major. I have learned that there are very few places that are beyond and untouched by political power. Witnessing events such as the September 11th attack, made me believe that politics is far too significant to overlook.I am particularly fascinated by the relationships that exist between governments of the different countries around the world, for example the position of the United States of America towards foreign policies. The role of the United Nations as a global authority, the process of resolving conflicts and building alliances, taking international measures are interesting for me. My own political ideology is based on the notion that the world can be made stronger through international cooperation, and that our main concern should not be connected only with domestic interest but taking it further to international ones.I am delighted in absorbing a wide variety of political opinions and I follow current affairs in the United Kingdom and other prestigious countries with a great interest. I also enjoy reading the novels of Robert Harris, whose combination of political fact and fiction produces a gripping plot and deep insights into the reactions of everyday individuals with regard to their political surroundings.
By having a chance to work at Labor Party HQ of Ben Bradshaw MP I was able to see how politics functions in practice, and experience all the daily operations that take place inside a political center. The experience included meetings with many of the constituents as well as reading through some of the MP’s cases that dealt with topical issues like asylum and discontent with the current government.

Last year, I participated in the Young Enterprise as a Finance Director and Company Secretary; we surpassed 4000 other companies to the Young Enterprise National Finals. Managing the finances of the company was a valuable experience, learning how money should be dealt with carefully and allocated precisely where it is needed and where it is beneficial. I learned how to present a product in the professional world by partaking in many crucial meetings with the major South West businesses, 28 of whom we convinced to invest £8,600 into our project through advertising. I look forward to using the communication skills and presentation skills I have gained to help present my arguments at the university in an effective and confident manner. I am continuing to learn new skills in the business world and I have now taken on running the company with a few team members and as a private business enterprise.

Through studying politics I want to continue learning in an enriching environment, contributing to university life in the way I can engaging myself in debates, discussions and an active social life.

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