International Relations Personal Statement Sample

International Relations Personal Statement SampleInternational Relations is the study of relationships among countries, the roles of sovereign states, inter-governmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and multinational corporations. It is a very popular field of studying among current applicants. A example of a International relations Personal Statement could give you some tips on how to write one.  In addition, Personal Statement Writers want to remind you that needed assistance with your personal statement writing or editing can be always received within our company.

International Relations Personal Statement

Man is by nature a social animal, thus, relations play crucial part in the lives of each of us. There are different kinds of relationships which can occur on different levels: personal, official, governmental or international. In the era of globalization we live in international relations are gaining vital importance in the regulation of all the processes in the interconnected worlds of business, economy, law, etc. Same as water which connects continents and countries, international relations connect its people helping them cooperate effectively. International relations are, to my mind, no less vital then water for humanity nowadays.

The immense importance of the international relations became obvious to me after 9/11, the day which would remain as a never-healing scar in the hearts of all Americans. However,  after those tragic events, being a high school student, I have developed my knowledge in the area of international relations, especially in the subject of international terrorism. Reading ‘Human Rights in Global Politics’ by Tim Dunne and Nicholas J. Wheeler made me understand that helping in resolving international conflicts and preventing terrorism is what I want to dedicate my life to.Naturally, my strong interest in international relations affected the choice of my A-levels at school and the choice of the bachelor program at the X university. Thus, after I dealt with my high schools exams I’ve entered X university and after 4 years of joyful studies received my Bachelor degree in international relations. This course gave me the basic knowledge in this field and strengthened my desire to learn more.As the result, I’ve chosen X course for my Master degree because I feel that I currently have enough ground knowledge which would enable me to get the most of the course X at X university. The curriculum of the course is perfect for me as it is concentrated mostly on the subjects of my most passionate interest – international conflicts and international terrorism. This knowledge is essential for me as a future international relations analyst in order to have a better view of the reasons why international conflicts occur and, therefore, a better vision of how to prevent them.

I have already gained some related work experience while being a volunteer at X. This experience was priceless for me as it helped me understand how common people suffer from the misunderstandings which take place on the governmental level and how valuable piece is.

I am convinced that course X at your university has a lot to offer to me. I am determined to get the most of it and am ready to participate in the campus life in the most active way. I feel eager to start my challenging but promising study and hope that you will consider me as a suitable person for this position.

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