International Studies Personal Statement

Writing a Personal Statement on International Studies

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International Studies Personal Statement

“Interest does not tie nations together; it sometimes separates them.
But sympathy and understanding does unite them”.
Woodrow T. Wilson

As a highly educated person, and an academic of history and political science, Woodrow T. Wilson, the 28th President of theUnited States, believed in idealistic internationalism.  I believe he was absolutely right to try to saveAmericafrom war.  Despite the fact that his efforts did not work out to his satisfaction, his leadership during World War I helped theUSto survive the war. Therefore, Woodrow T. Wilson is ranked as one of the greatest Presidents of theU.S.
I believe that a balanced structure of international relations can do miracles for any country. The art of international relations is based not solely on knowledge and skills, but also on wisdom and deep understanding of the soul of humans. Woodrow T. Wilson is a man of unique wisdom. He knew that understanding is the basis for successful negotiations between both people and countries.International studies as a discipline is based on economic, social, cultural, and environmental perspectives. Thus, being accepted into theCollegeofInternational Relations, would allow me to concentrate on these topics. I feel a strong need to participate in international interactions and be an active part of a global community. I want to interact with people of different nationalities.Diplomacy takes first place among tools of international relations.  It is the art of leading negotiations between the representatives of different countries. When diplomacy fails, other tools, like sanctions, war, and other atrocities are used. My goal is to become skilled at diplomacy to avoid wars and/or sanctions. I believe that people are kind in their nature, and are willing to socialize. People are also willing to seek a better understanding of others.My passion and desire to specialize in the field of international relations led me to this program at theCollegeofInternational Relations. I believe this path will give me a bright jump start to my career. I pledge to apply all of my diligence and enthusiasm to studying.  As I am deeply concerned with international relations, I would take great care of the international students of the college. I would like to be an active participant of all social events. Communicating with people brings to me a deep satisfaction. I would like to turn this passion into a profession.

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