Management Personal Statement

Management Personal Statement SampleNowadays degree programs in Management are becoming increasingly popular at colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. There is a demand for qualified individuals who have the necessary management, leadership and communication skills needed in any business or organizational activity to accomplish the desired goals, use available resources efficiently and effectively increase profits! We would like to provide you with an opportunity browse through one of our management personal statement samples. To write a great personal statement, you need to know how one should be structured and organized. Our service hopes that this sample will help you write your own effective personal statement.

Management Personal Statement

In this age of information technology, increasing commodification and high-impact globalization and glocalization, the entire world is undergoing an all-encompassing and profound transformation. Any nation’s economy is likely to exceed or exhaust the boundaries and capabilities of its domestic market, natural resources and human resources in its attempts to expand, grow and perpetually increase profits. This is why economies are constantly expanding on an international level, outsourcing domestic labor forces and searching for ways of expanding markets. The physical, geographical and subjective boundaries that are associated with nation-states are no longer compatible with the concept of a national economy. The intensification of international competition is bound to result in natural resource reallocation on a global scale. Implementing cross-population and trans-cultural management systems while competing on an international scale is a challenging task for developing countries. Based on this broad and critical analysis of our current economic situation, I have decided to apply to an undergraduate program in Management and Economics to further expand my knowledge and skills.

I have plans to pursue a Master’s program in management where I can study and research how the international economy operates and how multinational company apply effective management strategies. I was the top student of my high-school class, not only because of my consistent number high rank in terms of academic performance but also because of my role as a major organizer of several extracurricular activities related to journalism. As vice-head of our university’s radio station, I have produced many special feature programs. I worked as an intern at a local newspaper and at XX Provincial TV Station where I won a provincial-level award in appreciation of my journalism skills. I was the assistant producer of a special show about the XX Province in a serial program “Across China” by XX’s Cable TV. In addition, I have a unique advantage – have completed a Bachelor’s degree in English for Science and Technology. My previous academic success and practical application skills will help me work towards completing an advanced degree program. I started my bi-degree program in business administration during my sophomore year. I valued this important opportunity as I discovered that it is the subject about which I am truly passionate. Throughout this program, I systematically studied all the relevant management courses including the Human Resources Management, Marketing and Market Planning. My academic performance in this program was satisfactory and I managed to achieve a high GPA score. In May 2002, as one of the few student delegates, I participated in the Third MBA Development Forum in China held in the City of XX.

I helped my advisor to prepare his presentation and I interviewed leading scholars and business entrepreneurs from all around the world. This experience broadened and deepened my understanding of management and academic perspectives. My distinguished academic performance during the first three years has qualified me for a Master’s program in Journalism. I have a clear vision of my future academic pursuits and career objectives. Therefore I have declined the offer in favor of applying for a more advanced education in management, a discipline with Western origins. Management science is undoubtedly a field of study whose teaching and research stem from Western universities. I am also determined to apply for a Master’s program in The London School of Economics and Political Science. You university has a unique academic ranking as one of the best educational institutions in the world and boasts an unparalleled reputation in the western world as having a largest number of leading scholars working in their respective fields. Situated in London, this program will not only expand my professional knowledge but also broaden my sociological understanding.

Recently, I had applied my highly-developed and acute research skills to a major university research project. For an entire year from December 2002 to December 2003, as the sole undergraduate of the research group, I took part in the Study of XX City’s Specialized Water Management System, which is part of the country’s “863″ key scientific and technological research program undertaken by XX Blue water Science and Technology Company.
I performed a field study of the water resources in the XX region of XX City and collected, sorted, grouped and analyzed data and provided valuable reference materials for the entire research group. In addition, I proposed that Build-Operate-Transfer system could be employed to construct a small-scale waste-water treatment plant.
I participated in a wide-variety of extracurricular activities. I learned dancing during my childhood and became the leader of my school’s dancing team. Our team launched performed neighboring provinces. Representing XX Province, I participated in China’s First National Dancing Contest for University students, where I won the third prize.
Moreover, as a key member in the Student Management Committee of our university library I organized a campus-wide book-reading festival. With those experiences, I will continue contributing my extracurricular talents. In this age of ever-increasing specialization and volatile economic conditions, I aim to become a specialist in management with the best training from one of the world’s best academic institutes. Obtaining an education from XX will be a vital step to my personal and career development and to the fulfillment of this long cherished aspiration of mine.

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