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Accountancy Personal Statement

Writing an Accountancy personal statement requires showing as many displays of your interest in the chosen field as it’s possible. Make sure that your Accounting personal statement is properly proofread – accountants sometimes are too pedantic.

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Masters in Accountancy Personal Statement

Born in XXX and raised in the United States, I currently teach English to elementary school students in XXX. Because my dream is promoting innovative educational access, I decided to leave business and learn more about education through teaching. My undergraduate studies in Business Administration, and a Bachelor degree in Business Economics provide me a strong academic foundation for the Masters in Accountancy at Golden Gate University (GGU). My experiential knowledge will mesh perfectly with a management position with educational start-ups. As such, completing GGU’s Masters in Accountancy program.
My first exposure to the business of education was working for the Center for XXX as a Student Administrative Assistant. I learned the importance of analysis when designing innovative educational programs and tools. Furthermore, I exercised my analytical thinking skills when designing a quantitative comparative analysis. Implementing an elegant Excel macro for determining the effectiveness of proposed improvements inspired me to pursue a career that combines my natural skills in accounting and interest in education.As an undergraduate, I held the office of Vice President/Treasurer for the Council at the University of XXX. Responsible for the Council’s budget, I had the opportunity for applying accounting principals learned in college. Additionally, I learned the intricacies of managing a business and its assets. Specifically, I was responsible for interviewing and appointing eight students for representing over 1,000 students in the organization. I learned the art of communication and body language throughout my tenure. Furthermore, I mastered conflict resolution and learned the importance of team work; as such, I learned that excelling as an individual for the benefit of the group is crucial for achieving success in any task.While attending college, I recognized my combined interests in educational access and the business of educational innovations. My experience with the XXX Program helped me recognize my skill set as a manager. Specifically, my communication, team work and leadership skills netted over $000 in business-to-business sales. Additionally, managing thousands of business modules required exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills. My ability for critical thinking is evidenced through my conflict resolution and troubleshooting skills.Realizing that I am better suited to management than direct sales, I decided that gaining first hand experience as a teacher was important for achieving my goals. As such, I accepted a position in XXX, teaching English to elementary school students. As a Native English Teacher (NET), I have learned about educational systems outside the United States. This will help me as a I move forward within the global educational business.While I cherish my assignment in XXX, I look forward to this next phase of my career. I am certain that my cultural diversity and experiences will provide a unique perspective to class discussions. My time in XXX allowed me the opportunity for understanding economic policies and the effect on the educational system. I believe that my natural skill for business and finance and my professional experiences combined with a Masters in Accountancy, will help me succeed as a person and a professional.

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  • Accounting & Information Systems applications
  • Bachelor degree admissions in Accountancy
  • admissions for Master’s of Professional Accountancy

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