Personal Mission Statement Sample

Personal Mission Statement SampleSome students might want to seriously consider ordering a personal mission statement. Professional writers who provide a personal mission statement example are used to these application standbys. Recent changes in the way that applications are filed means that more people might end up looking for a personal mission statement example. In many cases, personal mission statement examples aren’t as personal as one might think. In fact, many personal vision statement examples are cookie-cutter pieces of writing. This is precisely what students want to avoid being lost amongst a set of very similar applications. Ordering good personal mission statement examples for students are the best way to prevent this.

Personal Mission Statement

When I was in high school, everyone told me about the problems that I would end up facing once I got to college. First they claimed that schools were no longer content with huge lecture halls that deliver information to mass numbers of students. As colleges were shifting away from this method, they were starting to focus on smaller class sizes that were going to translate into fewer seats for students. Apparently, there wasn’t any way I was going to get into school.

At the same time, people were telling me that a coming student shortage was going to raise tuition rates and make it unlikely that I would have an opportunity to finish school. I wasn’t really sure how this made any sense when one considers that colleges were allegedly running out of seats for students, but I certainly let it worry me. Then I finally realized something that would become a major tenant of my mission statement today.

If there’s a problem, worrying about it won’t help anybody. Hours of worrying won’t do half as much as working for a few minutes a day to ensure that everything is slightly better today than it was yesterday. While I used to spend a long time pacing, I don’t do that any more. Instead, I just break things up into smaller pieces and do a little task every day to get ahead in the world. This philosophy got me to where I am today, so it is still my life statement today.

This personal mission statement example is a good idea for:

  • applicants for humanities degrees
  • students applying for language arts programs
  • applicants for science programs that require an example of a personal mission statement
  • transfer students who need a sample personal mission statement

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