Undergraduate Personal Statement Sample

Undergraduate Personal Statement SampleThe following undergraduate personal statement sample presented below has been purposely written poorly to illustrate what to avoid. A personal statement is also a discussion of the reason(s) why an individual wants to attend a particular institution or degree program. If an individual has any personal motivating factors that stem from a certain experience or because of an influential life-changing event, then this is certainly a good place to start. A sample personal statement is only useful when it is broken down into specific elements that demonstrate the appropriate and expected format. Undergraduate students should not underestimate the importance nor the weight assigned to a personal statement. It should personalized and include any relevant examples that have influenced your decision to apply to  a university program in general and why a specific program was chosen. It is advisable to avoid dramatical, sweeping statement when composing your personal statement, as this could undermine its effectiveness by showing an inappropriate and misguided response. Undergraduate personal statement examples that incorporate a balanced, mature and relevant approach are usually the ones considered to be the best. Below is an example of a poorly written statement with a great deal of mistakes. As an exercise, see if you can identify the errors and improve it!

Undergraduate Personal Statement Sample

Regardless of how cliche it might sound, my mother is actually the most important person to me. There are many people who have had an influence on me. University education always discusses women’s literature and women’s studies. There are colleges that offer courses that study what women think. Nothing beats first hand experience, however. That’s why it’s been so incredible to go through her stories.

One of the things she’s always taught me about is how important self-respect is. It’s probably more important than anything else in this world. When she worked with the women’s movement years ago, she wanted to see young girls have more self-respect, yet now they actually seem to lack it. She’s always told me how this wasn’t what she fought for. She wanted everyone male and female to really care about himself or herself, and that’s precisely what I plan to do with myself now that I’m going into college.

The reason I want to get a degree is to show myself that I really do care. I have something worth fighting for, as the case may be. I really want to be able to look at myself in a mirror and say that I am living the life that I want to live. I want to be as strong as my mother has been for all these years, and I know very well that same attitude is necessary for getting through college. There’s no other way to do it and still be who I want to be.

Who needs sample personal statement undergraduate:

  • Students applying to Associate programs
  • Applicants to Bachelor’s degree programs
  • Students experiencing difficulties writing
  • International students

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