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Secrets of Creating High School Personal Statement

The Importance of Your High School Personal Statement

high school personal statementMany school and college places are in high demand and there is a huge amount of competition so you will need to ensure that your application shows you in the best possible light. The problem is that much of your application will be very similar to that provided by the other applicants and it is only your high school personal statement that allows you to sell yourself to the decision makers. This will typically have to answer a question or prompt set by the college or school and will need to be carefully written in the format that they set. If you can write this well and make yourself stand out from the crowd then you have a very good chance of being selected for the place that you want. You can also check nursing school personal statement or law school personal statements if you need.

What Does Your Personal Statement High School Need to Cover?

You may be confused if you are looking at different personal statement examples for high school students as they will all be very different. Each college and school will have a different prompt and every student writing a personal statement will be very different. So just what should you write about within your high school personal statement?

The following gives you some guidance on what you should be looking to cover:

  • Explain why you want to study the specific field that you are looking to follow
  • Show how that interest arose and how it has changed: what has influenced you
  • Give some idea as to where you expect your studies to take you: what career do you expect to follow
  • Explain why you want to study at this specific school or college
  • Clearly demonstrate that you have the skills to study successfully

Tips for High School Personal Statement Writing

The following are some simple tips that you should follow when writing your high school personal statement if you want to ensure that it is going to impress the readers and make you stand out from your competition:

  • Open with a hook: use an intriguing quotation, an interesting fact, or a simple personal anecdote. Do not use shock tactics as some websites will suggest
  • Stay concise and relevant: do not waste your word count on obvious statements or clichés
  • Use language that is appropriate for your application, do not overuse the thesaurus and never use profanities or slang
  • Avoid the use of humor, it is rarely appreciated or understood by everyone
  • Carefully proofread your statement to ensure that it is completely free of any form of errors

We Can Write Your High School Personal Statement

We know how hard it is to write an engaging and effective personal statement which is why we employ only the very best and most experienced writers to help you. Through our writing service you will work with a writer that has qualifications and in depth knowledge of the specific area in which you want to make your application. We also provide you with:

  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee
  • On time delivery and a quick turnaround
  • Plagiarism checking on all statements to confirm they are unique
  • Careful proofreading to ensure your personal statement is error free

So if you are looking for help with writing the best possible high school personal statement for your application contact our experts here today for a service that you can afford!