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Writing a personal statement is one of the most crucial steps when applying to a higher education institutions such as college or university. Quite often the importance and value of a personal statement is overlooked by students. Our personal statement writers are certain know from years of experience that a majority of applicants have competitive test scores and good average grades. However, the problem is most other students that apply to any given program also have similar grades. How can an Office of Admissions distinguish candidates if their grades are all relatively similar? You need to distinguish your application and the personal statement is one of the opportunities to stand out.  Making a positive impression is an important goal that can lead to the start of a successful career! To do so, your personal statement needs to be as compelling, engaging, effective and polished as much as possible. We can help you do it!

Our professional personal statement writers would like to point out that a person from an admission committee, while reading your personal statement, is asking him\herself several questions:

  • Is the student suited to the course of study at this university?
  • Do they have the necessary qualifications and qualities for acceptance?
  • Will the student apply themselves in their studies?
  • Will the student be able to adjust to their new environment at the university?
  • Do they have a genuine interest in their prospective course of study and a genuine desire to learn?

Our personal statement writers emphasize the need to provide only the most relevant information to address these questions while remaining concise. Your personal statement needs to highlight information about experiences that show that you are a reliable and responsible person. It needs to show how you will be an asset to the student body. Articulating the “why” behind your choices and life choices is the most important aspect of your personal statement. IT communicates your goals and describes who you are as an individual. Our personal statement writers will help you in completing this difficult and very important task in the most effective possible way. We will help create an outstanding personal statement that works for you!

Let us make your personal statement a success! Leave your callback request today or place an order to get started!

You are an amazing person. Your effort and accomplishments should be celebrated from the rafters! Universities are waiting to hear about you. We're ready to tell your story in a personal statement that speaks to every decision-maker. Let us be your Cyrano!

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