Students Tweet about the University of Their Dreams

University TweetsPeople always dream, and most students who are in the process of writing an admission essay are trying to get into the university of their dreams. Everyone wants to go to a specific college, but sometimes people have to change their plans. Either way, they are turning to Twitter as a way to communicate. Sometimes students even find that they can tweet the university of their dreams directly.

@simaluya @Harvard My dream University.eehhh, because of not enough chance, i cant to study in Harvard university,but still dreaming about it. 🙂

Students shouldn’t ever give up their dreams, but then again they should be open about the problems they’re facing when undergoing the application process. Those who are honest about these kinds of things can get assistance. Admissions essay consultants are available to help those who want to get into the university of their dreams to finally do it.

@SandeepL337 @CarnegieMellon is my dream university but its expensive , can’t afford it. 

On the other hand, there are those who are concerned about funding problems. Once again they can get assistance. By turning to Twitter they’re communicating their problems and therefore opening up about them.

@bundypaige Northeastern is like my dream university

As a result of the format, Twitter requires posters to be very concise. This means that people need to condense what they have to say into short sentences. Still, the raw honesty of posters can ultimately get them ready for working on their admissions essay when the time comes.

@ItsJosh4Ya Aheeeee. This is my dream @ University of Hawaii at Manoa 

Those who are starting out on their college application process might add other things to their tweets. They can add audio, video or images. In some cases admissions experts will even look at these tweets favorably.

@authenticali @queensu is definitely my dream University for next September! 

Those who are working on taking photos sometimes embed them into their tweets. A good idea is to set up another page on a photo site and then provide links. This kind of set up is impressive and very professional.

@abbieworley6 Got accepted to my DREAM school! Hoping I’ll be a Samford bulldog next fall!! @SUAdmission 

Posts are often put up on Twitter throughout every step of the admissions process. Those students who are working on applying to their dream university can end up looking back on them. They might look at them as though the post was a sort of diary cataloging the journey they took to get into their dream university.

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