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Prime Study Abroad Application Essay Step by Step Guide

For anyone who desires to study abroad is it as an undergraduate or as a postgraduate, they would need to write good study abroad application essay. There are many advantages studying abroad that would amplify one’s desire to study abroad. This can be easily incorporated into the reasons to study abroad essay. The goal of writing these essays is to make it clear about your desire to study abroad, why you intend to stay abroad and why you believe it would be of immense benefit to you. This is also part of the reason why your study abroad application essay must be well written to incorporate the answers to the aforementioned questions. So, how to write a personal statement for study abroad?

In this article we would not just be looking at study abroad scholarship essay tips; we would also be looking at a great step by step guide to help you accomplish this. This would help you to get the placement and the institution of your choice in the country you desire. What is more is that you would also appreciate better the whole process of securing an admission abroad and what it entails.

Some of the things that shall be looked at here are the requirements for foreign students, tips on how to apply, the important documents and tips on writing the application letter. Before we go into this in more detail it is important that we look at some of the benefits of this letter.

Benefits of Study Abroad Application Letter

Below are 5 benefits of this application essay especially when written well or by a professional. This good application essay would go a long way for any candidate as seen in the benefits below.

  • The letter would give you a good standing before an interview
  • It would help to improve the general outlook of your application
  • It serves as a primary introductory document to the institution you are applying
  • It would show your desire and it will boost your resume
  • If it is well written it can go a long way in convincing the institution that you are an ideal student for them.

General Requirements for Foreign Students

When it comes to applying to study abroad, outside the essay you need to be well aware of the foreign university requirements. It is true that there are advantages studying abroad, but without a properly appreciation of the requirements, you may lose the awesome opportunity. This is why we would be looking at 5 of these requirements below.

  • Language Requirement: The first requirement that you must be aware of is the language requirement. Usually, this requires that the applicant shows some proof ofStudy abroad personal statement sample being taught in English for example, or if English is their native language. They may be needed to also take part in language testing exams like the TOEFL and IELTS depending on the school’s requirement, the exam to be taken and the scores required may differ.
  • Degree Requirement: Regarding degree, it is important to check that your degree matches the program that you are applying for. This is especially the case for graduate students. A graduate in Social works, for example, may not be admitted for a post-graduate study in Engineering or vice versa.
  • Grade Requirement: Most schools would accept candidates who meet a minimum grade requirement. It is important that you know the grade requirement for acceptance before applying.
  • Program Specific Requirements: It is also important to check if there are any program or school specific requirements before applying. These are usually different from the general requirements.
  • Financing: Always try to find out about the fees, both tuition and accommodation before applying. Also, know if there are scholarships available; sorting out the financing of your study is very important.
  • Visa: It is also important that you are informed about the requirements to obtain a visa to the country of your choice. It is important that you check to be sure that you meet the minimum visa application requirement before applying.

Tips on How to Apply

  • Start Early: It is important that you start early in preparing so you can have ample time to apply.
  • Believe that you can get the placement: Always be confident that you would get the placement.
  • Select a country: Then you must select a country, based on ease of getting a visa, entry, finances etc.
  • Select a school: This would be based on requirements, the course of study, fees etc.
  • Read through the requirements thoroughly: Always be sure to study the requirements carefully and understand them so you don’t miss out anything.
  • Get all required documents ready: Get all your documents ready some of them are listed below.
  • Start the application: With this, you can now start the application.

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List of Required Documents

Below is a list of documents that will provide you with foreign application help for admission:

  • Official Transcript
  • Official Proof of Degree
  • Program Specific required documents
  • Statement of Interest
  • Resume
  • Proof of Language Proficiency

students abroad statistics

Requirements and Tips on How to Write Study Abroad Application Essay

Below are 5 areas to note when drafting your study abroad application letter:

  • The format: Generally the format should be simple with legible fonts
  • The length: the length can be 1 – 2 pages and about 500 words
  • Paragraphing: 4 to 5 paragraphs are generally recommended
  • The content: The content should contain an introductory part, a body, and a conclusion
  • Highlight the points according to the requirements: The content should highlight points as suggested in the requirements

There are many reasons why you would want to study abroad and some of them would be contained in reasons to study abroad essay and order it. But generally, these are important points to note about a study abroad application essay.

With this study abroad scholarship essay tips you can now move on to write your good study abroad application essay.

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