Taking a Look at Admission 2014

Admission 2014Students looking for information on college admissions in 2014 should be able to glean important details from this discussion. Some people may expect there to be some changes coming to college admissions in 2014. That only makes sense as each year brings something new. The biggest changes might be in tuition, however, as acceptance rates in 2014 may merely grow instead of shrink. The jury is still out on the actual number of applicants, however.

Top Five Most Wanted Universities in 2014

  1. Harvard – There is an old maxim that states that those who apply to Harvard and get accepted will always go to Harvard. Judging by the hard numbers, this is absolutely still true. It’s also ranked among the best universities of 2014 according to the US News and World Report.
  2. Brigham Young University – This is the first time since 2009 that BYU didn’t actually top the list. This is always considered one of the most popular schools.
  3. Stanford – As another top Ivy League school, it’s not surprising that students at least perceive Stanford as being a real leader.
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT has a strong program, and this college also certainly has recognition when it comes to the name.
  5. University of North Dakota – This might be a shocker, but it could be because local students don’t really have many other options when it comes to picking a school unless they study out of state.

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Expected Number of Applicants in 2014 Season

Traditional state programs and distance education programs will probably see the biggest increases when it comes to admissions in 2014. Applications to University of California schools continue to be on the rise, for instance. Berkeley has seen over 90,000 applications for the coming year. Davis saw nearly 75,00 and another 81,000 or so was interested in Santa Barbara. People may very well want to attend college close to home.

@PS_Writers Traditional state programs and distance education programs will probably see the biggest increases in 2014. TwitterRetweet 

The Acceptance Rate in 2014

Even schools with allegedly tough rates start to see slightly more lax numbers when it comes to the acceptance rate. The large number of students that were turned away could be the result of improperly filed applications. This makes sense when one considers the fact that 74.7 percent of accepted Brigham Young University applicants and 75.5 percent of accepted Harvard applicants ultimately chose to enroll. Numbers are always higher when looking at more serious students.

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Cost of Tuition

Tuition costs will continue to rise in 2014, but students may not stand for that. With continuous pressure from applicants and the student body, more colleges may follow an example set by the President of the University of Missouri System. He wants to freeze tuition costs at the four campuses managed by the system. Curators initially wanted a 1.5 percent rate hike. This percentile might be on par for a number of different schools. That being said, universities may hide costs by instead raising other types of prices and fees. Many technology and laboratory fees aren’t technically considered part of the tuition bill.

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