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Admission TweetsTwitter has become extremely important for those getting ready to write an application essay, and not just as a source of information. A few colleges are actually starting to have students tweet them application data. Other less social networking inclined schools are still using it as a way to communicate with prospective students who are going through the often lengthy application process. Admissions rates and other numerical data are being talked about on Twitter quite often, as the following tweets should illustrate.

@MCPHSBoston You can come to campus since the University is open, but we recommend asking the Registrar about your transcript options. 

Students who are currently applying that have questions can actually Tweet their questions out. More and more universities have staff who use social networking to communicate with students. It’s become a big help to a lot of people who otherwise would have been waiting on the phone.

@NextIndiana Earlham College acceptance rate = 76.3% more info including tuition, total enrollment, and much more at – 

A lot of students are now checking Twitter to get some information in regards to acceptance rates before they actually apply to a college. That being said, numbers don’t tell anything really. While this 76.3 percent quote might seem relatively low, many of the applications that were rejected may have been filed incorrectly.

@careim2 2013 NY Times College Acceptance Rate Data

While Twitter might be a fairly terse platform when it comes to the amount of writing that’s actually on it, it’s a good place for people to share links. New York Times data is generally trusted when it comes to college acceptance rates. This kind of trusted information is really useful for college students.

@followCACEE The average acceptance rate for offers to new college recruits was approx 81%, a significant increase over the level recorded in 2010.

Organizations that produce this information for applicants have turned to Twitter as a platform to put out their findings. That’s helping students to get more accurate and up to date figures. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember how long it takes to compile a lot of this data. Even this report dates back to 2010.

@collegeappinfo Early Action Acceptance Rate Increases to 21 Percent for the Class of 2018 | News | The Harvard Crimson …

The content of this Tweet is interesting, but the most interesting part is who put it out. It comes from a college consulting organization. Those interested in working with consultants will certainly want to sign up for a social networking account to stay in touch.

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