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How important is MBA if I already have BBA degree in finance?

Each person decides for oneself what heights one is going to achieve in professional growth. And depending on the ambitions of the applicant suitable degree of business administration program should be chosen.

Achieving BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is already a big step towards career development. It is the second, after ABA (Assosciate of Business Administration), degree in business administration and is enough for middle management. Many managerial and administrative jobs are open for BBA degree holders and still propose high salary. MBA degree opens wider opportunities for professional growth and is required on the top management positions. The highest level doctorate degree in BA is worth achieving only if you’re going to teach in colleges and universities or work in business research and consulting.

Among the first benefits of MBA that attracts so many applicants nowadays is a high salary. Just statistic numbers: universities report of approximately $40,000 the least starting earnings of BBA graduates and $60,000 of MBA graduates. Two years master program increases your salary by a half: the fact that makes taking a decision in favour of MBA. And if to take into account the cost of the whole program, it is repaying in 4-5 years. Another advantage of MBA is the skills you’ll gain in learning process. You’ll be taught how to meet problems and difficult situations, that is essential in nowadays world. On the other hand, you’re going to possess managerial and leadership qualities, which will be necessary on top manager positions.

If you’re going to start your own business, MBA degree will be vitally important to meet the competitive market situation lossless. Master level gives all necessary knowledge and shows in practice how an enterprise should be leaded.

There is a little tip for MBA applicants: if you’re already have BBA degree, firstly you should get some work experience practicing your knowledge during 2-3 years in your field and only then try further MBA admission. Such approach will be more reasonable and beneficial for you, because you will be having an opportunity to build a link between new knowledge and its practical application.

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