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I am writing my personal statement to get into a university course for general primary school teaching. Does anybody have any help or tips for me?

One of the main principles a good personal statement based on is to demonstrate to the admission committee exactly those skills and abilities which are musts for working with children. And above all you should state the reasons why you go for this profession, what special features and personalities you have for this particular special subject. Your personal statement should be neatly divided into 3 main parts, as school compositions are written. These parts are an introduction, a main part (body) and a conclusion. All parts, of course, should be connected with each other in respect of sense and logic.

In the first part – introduction – you need to sell yourself to the selection committee in the most advantageous way. Recount the main reasons briefly but in capacious manner why you would like working with children and what knowledge and skills you have for it. Try to convey your positive and enthusiastic approach to the profession you are going to devote yourself. Your task is to interest the scholarship committees in your candidacy since there are hundreds of other aspirants on this position. So, if you manage to attract the committee attention to your personal statement – a half the work is done. Good English is of no small importance when you write your personal statement as well.

In the second part you should indicate your school experience. Usually it should form at least month. Enumerate the studies and subjects which are related to the work with children and youth. As a rule, for primary school teaching you ought to show your knowledge of English, science and math. As far as possible cite the exact instances of your communication and practice work with children and youth: how well you have managed to cope with such task, how much time you needed to gel together and whether kids were easy to get into touch with you as a teacher and an elder friend. Summarize the acquired experience – what lessons you’ve learnt from it. Your involvement in extracurricular activities with children and youth participation is no less important question. Here it would be right to indicate in what way you have constructed your work, which educational methods have been used.
In conclusion specify what personalities you are ready to offer as a potential teacher. You may tell from what moment you have decided to become a teacher, who or what, perhaps, have impacted on your decision. And surely point out that you are ready and want to develop your educational level in the chosen sphere.

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