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Is the MBA Worth All the Work Experience and Hard Work?

Whether MBA will be efficient specifically for your career and is it worth all the effort involved in depends on your professional outlook. Try to answer honestly on the following questions to decide whether MBA admission is the right variant for you:

  • What is the ideal position for you?

Determine for yourself the need of MBA degree in your career. If you’re going to hold managerial position, MBA will be essential for you, but if you’re going to develop your professional skills in practical application and do research work, MBA will be a full waste of time.

  • Is MBA necessary for being hired in your field?

Read the typical requirements of your new position and of the positions that are some stages higher. Try to look in perspective and always suppose career growth. Also, it will be useful looking through relevant positions in industries that are close to yours. You can also talk to job placement agencies and friends of yours in similar companies. Find out if an MBA is required or just highly recommended.

  • Do you have time and money for MBA?

MBA programs aren’t cheap and imply that you have time to devote it to learning. If you constantly are in debts or couldn’t find a while for rest even on weekends, it’s better to reject MBA admission.

  • Are you already an experienced person?

Some professionals don’t need any special courses to know how money is made and to understand the principles of business administration, the other have a native inclination for management. Work experience plays its determinant role in the job search. Some companies may even prefer someone who has years of practical experience than someone who has an MBA.

  • How much will you earn with MBA?

Find out the difference between salaries of employees with and without MBA at similar positions and decide for yourself whether this money worth your time involved in learning and in how many years program will be repaid.

  • What other alternatives do you have?

MBA isn’t universal and each industry has its own requirements and priorities. Maybe in your field, a Master’s degree of a different type would be more worthwhile than an MBA. Maybe even getting a second BA or taking vocational classes could be more worthwhile career wise than an MBA.

  • Are you ready to be a leader?

Some people don’t need top positions in their career at all. If you’re going to devote your life to new discoveries or building a strong family, managerial positions, which presume your full involvement in the process and readiness to meet stressed situations, are not for you.

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