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The Difference Between Personal Statement And Admission Essay Writing From Personal Statement Writers

In writing a personal statement or admission essay, you are required to provide information about yourself that is not presented in your application form or recommendations letters. There is no clear difference between personal statement writing and an admission essay. They are both supposed to give your readers a glimpse of who you are as a person outside of your supposed credits and achievements. However, according to Personal Statement Writers they are different in the manner of presenting personal information.

Personal Statement Writers Throw Light On The Main Difference Between Personal Statement And Admission Essay Writing

Personal Statement Writers state that while most admission essays require you to answer a specific question and relate a personal experience, personal statement writing is more liberal. You are not required to answer specific questions in personal statement writing. Usually a guide is provided to give your statement structure. However, you still have the freedom to choose your topic or edit the information that you want to write about.

An admission essay is used to gauge your reasoning and weigh your opinion on a particular matter. This is how the admission panel gets to know the applicant. In this way, an admission essay is limiting. On the other hand, personal statement writing should be comprehensive. Without the availability of a specified topic, you can write about anything you want as long as it pertains to yourself. The key is to think about the things that the panel may ask during an interview and provide answers through personal statement writing. With the absence of personal interview, your statement should suffice in getting all the information the panel needs in the assessment and evaluation of your application. This gives you more coverage in writing a statement as compared to answering an admission essay. However, it is more difficult to write because you may be faced with the difficulty of picking out the highlights of your life when there are so many to choose from. Moreover, according to Personal Statement Writers, although the topics may vary, you need to find a way to keep your personal statement as structured and coherent as possible.

Personal Statement Writers Give More Tips And Offer Assistance

Whether you are asked to write a personal statement or an admission essay, it is important to express how different you are. And it is not only necessary that you sell yourself as a viable candidate but to reason what you can possibly contribute as one.

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