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What does an MBA without Full time work experience start at?

Initially, MBA programs were created for professionals and experienced people with at least 2-3 years related work experience. Such business programs were based on expanding the knowledge and skills acquired at work and building a link between theory and practice and reflection on one’s own experience at work was an integral part of the learning process.

But situation changed greatly in the recent years. With the growing popularity of MBA courses, when the note in your resume of graduating business school automatically increased your salary, some requirements were revised and now there are a number of business schools that do not need work experience at all. Such schools use the growing interest to MBA for their own profit; they want to increase quantity of application forms sent to them. And the quality of the diploma you’ll get after graduating MBA program without work experience is much lower comparing with an experienced one. Education without practical applying remains to be unclaimed.

But, on the other hand, for such candidates excellent academic and GMAT scores are a must. You still have to show high performance during learning process and participate in practical courses. Alternative option for inexperienced students who are convinced in achieving management knowledge can be applying for MSc in Management, which doesn’t need work experience, but gives almost the same subject matters that are offered in MBA. But don’t forget that employer will look firstly at your work history section in your resume, and only then on education.

If you have relevant work experience it doesn’t matter if it is part- or full-time. It’s important that you have practical skills and your applying to an MBA school is an attempt to get a clue in management and a new step in professional growth. You have skills to be referred to in learning process and such learning won’t be out of sense.

To make a conclusion, it’s unreasonable to apply to MBA program without work experience: opportunity that gives such graduation isn’t worth money involved in. But if you though have any relevant experience, don’t matter in what position, but at least 2 years, MBA program will be definitely advantageous for you.

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