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What is chance to get accepted at a Top MBA school?

Getting into a top MBA school is a challenge itself because of the highly qualified candidates applying for admission. Before applying to any program, one should know the requirements of the program as every MBA program offered at top schools is different.

In order to maximize the chances to be accepted at a top business school one should take into consideration the following points:

  • To be on top of the admission process, apply to more than one business school, knowing the program he/she is applying is the best.
  • The ranking shouldn’t matter to you because there are number of groups who do their own ranking of a Business School by using different criteria. You need to find out the best places for you.
  • Your undergraduate degree shall be of 3.5 or above CGPA and the academic transcripts should outline the subjects studied and grades obtained. If you have a low GPA, even then your application can be considered, provided you have a very strong employment record.
  • To have a reasonable chance of getting into a top school, you need to have a GMAT score 700+ range (which is something within your control). Neither a high score guarantee a place nor a low score disqualifies you, as several courses require a high level of quantitative and analytical skills, therefore, a business school looks for evidence of these in GMAT results. Make sure that the GMAT scores are current and are directly forwarded to the business school.
  • To maximize the impact of the application, highlight how the MBA program you are applying links to your work experience with your long-term career goals. The Business Schools value your work experience a big deal because it shows your degree of responsibility and understanding of the real world.
  • Ensure that the letter of recommendation (professional or academic) should be from qualified individuals and is sealed. Instead of trying to influence the admissions department with letters from people with prominent titles, select people who know you very well and who have seen your strengths and achievements, preferably employer, teachers.
  • The essays are the key factor for your admission; make sure that the essays are corrected, edited and consistent with the question.

To sum up, make sure that the entire package i.e. the essays, references, work experience, etc. tells a consistent story and links together the structure of your profile and also follow-up the progress of your application to be on top on the admission process.

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