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When Does an MBA Student Select a Specialization to Get in?

 The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a broad degree which covers a variety of business issues and train students to lead and manage any area of business. MBA consists of majors that gives you in depth training in a specific field i.e. marketing, Hospitality & Tourism, HRM, accounting, finance, management, strategy, policy, leadership, project management and other related courses. An MBA has certain qualities that are appreciated by employers seeking to hire the managers of the future and if you add to this a major that counterpart with future career goals then this mixture can fast track a candidate to obtain a senior management post.

Important Factors in Selecting a Specialization

Before taking any specialization one needs to be sure in the following:

  • Know about your interests and your options;
  • Ranking of the school for that specialization;
  • Prospective employer’s needs;
  • Course selection: one year, two years or online. A regular two-year course allows a student to be a generalist in the first year, and move to a specialist in the second year, whereas, a one-year course does not cover both standard and specialization due to the limited term time. An Online MBA degree differs from a regular MBA in a way of being earned. Students, who chose study online, do not visit on-campuses classes and lectures. Rather, they receive assignments through forums, video or audio lectures, chats etc.

When you locate a good institute for an MBA course, obtaining just a degree should not be your sole objective. Before you opt for any specialization, you should understand which major subject will be crucial for your career and matches your interests as it’s obvious that employers are interested in hiring highly-specialized professionals. Once all the factors are properly addressed then it’s the time to select a specialization.

MBA Specializations

Marketing: For those who want to work in an open competitive market this specialization helps you in preparing with the marketing techniques needed in some of the most challenging fields: marketing, advertising, consumer behavior etc.

Hospitality & Tourism: For those who want to work in a service sector i.e. hotels, restaurants, and tourism sector. This specialization can equip you with the techniques needed to rise up to a managerial position.

Human Resources Management: This specialization will learn you about best practices in hiring and training the company’s asset i.e. its employees.

Health Care Management: This specialization can prepare you for senior positions in health care facilities, pharmaceuticals, and public health agencies.

Communication: This is for people looking for jobs in media, advertising, journalism, and public relations.

Entrepreneurship: This MBA is about business administration strategies that yield innovation which makes entrepreneurs so successful.

To sum up, each and every person has his/her inherent skills, before you select your specialization you need to make your SWOT Analysis (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats) then go ahead to do an MBA.

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