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Top Ten Hardest Colleges to Get into in 2016

If you’re applying for college, then you may want to check out the top 10 of them in which getting into are hard. Get a glimpse on what these schools are in our post today.


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Hardest Universities to Get Into

  1. Stanford University: The acceptance rate of the school is 5.5%. Many applicants want to become part of the school because it is considered to become of the highest profile universities.
  2. Harvard University: The acceptance rate of the school is 5.33% and it remains to be competitive over the years. The university highest acceptance rate is 8.8%.
  3. Columbia University: The acceptance rate of the school is 6.15% and it is the second hardest college to get into in the nation.
  4. Yale University: The acceptance rate is 6.49%, however, there is a hope for everyone that in the year 2017, the university will admit larger students.
  5. Princeton University: The acceptance rate is 6.99% and it is one of the most beautiful schools in the nation.
  6. University of Chicago: Its acceptance rate if 7.83%, but it has grown increasingly over the years.
  7. MIT: The acceptance rate is 8.1% and in 10 years, it is the first time that their acceptance rate increased.
  8. Brown University: The acceptance rate of the school is 8.49%.
  9. Caltech University: The acceptance rate of Caltech is 8.49%
  10. Pomona University: The acceptance rates of the school are 9.76%. With them, the test score is essential in admitting students.

College Schools Facts

  • Harvard University: It was named after Reverent John Harvard. The surname Harvard is associated with the word Hereward, which refers to an army guard.
  • Yale University: The university chooses freshman class of 13000 from 20,000 applications every year.
  • Lincoln University: Those who will have at least 30 BMI will only be allowed to graduate after taking a physical education class.
  • Columbia University: The university was originally named as King’s College.
  • Brown University: The school was originally named as College of Rhode Island.

Knowing what the hardest college to get into 2016 is important so that you have an idea to double your effort in applying. You need to make sure that you exert effort magnificently and submit the best university application essay to grant yourself a place in the desired school.

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