University of Manchester Admissions

The University of Manchester, also known as Manchester, is a public research university founded in 2004 in Manchester, England. The university is responsible for providing education to 28,514 undergraduates and 11,218 postgraduate students. Manchester university is most notable for its academics in Histories and Cultures, Archaeology, Architecture, Business, Social Sciences, Ancient History, and Astronomy.

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Admission To-Do List

  • Previous work experience
  • Submission of written work
  • Previous study of a particular subject
  • Certificates or transcripts
  • Evidence of English language ability
  • Two references
  • Research proposal
  • Personal statement
  • Copy of your passport


Writing Supplement:
Reasons for choosing medicine This may appear obvious to you but it is not obvious to us. The Admissions Team have not met you and know nothing about you. It is vital that you tell them why you wish to be a doctor. There is no 'correct' answer to this question but not to address it at all would seriously weaken your application. Amount of work experience in a caring role This does not necessarily mean medically-related work experience, such as shadowing a GP or consultant. Such experience can be difficult to obtain for students under the age of 18. However, we are interested in caring experience which may or may not be medically related. Tell us how you got involved in such work, how long you have been doing it, how much time you spend each week and, most importantly, what you have gained from it. Interests/hobbies Doctors must be able to communicate and empathies with their patients. This is enhanced by some shared life experiences. The student who is totally absorbed in his/her studies to the exclusion of almost all else is less likely to make a good doctor. Tell us about your interests and hobbies. Tell us why you pursue them. How long have you been involved? Have you achieved any outside recognition (eg awards, certificates, etc.)? The Medical School is aware that some students may have more opportunities than others to pursue a wide range of interests. The concern is not so much exactly what you do in your spare time but that you have some spare time and that you do something with it. We are also interested in: Knowledge/experience of the healthcare system in the UK Evidence of teamwork Communication skills Determination/conscientiousness Intellectual potential How you deal with stress See more

Application Deadlines

June 1
Fall, Undergraduate
November 1
Spring, Undergraduate
While there are no official closing dates for applications for the majority of postgraduate taught and research courses, we advise you to apply as soon as possible. Where there is a closing date for a particular course, it will be stated on the individual or postgraduate research course pages
Fall/Spring, Graduate

Famous Graduates

Roy Chadwick


Osborne Reynolds


Advice on Personal Statement for University of Manchester Admissions

The University of Manchester personal statement should begin with the applicant writing about why they want to study the course. The essay should also include what skills the applicant has that will enable them to complete the course successfully. The next step for a successful essay would be to write about any work experience or volunteer work, and then any extra-curricular activities and other qualifications they possess. Applicants should also make sure to have a conclusion at the end of the essay which summarizes the highlights of it.