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Writing a Biomedical Science Personal Statement with Our Writers

Biomedical Science Personal StatementBiomedical science is a fascinating mixture of medicine and engineering that arose on the intersection of sciences to develop engineering solutions of medical problems. Applying for biomedical degree isn’t an easy thing: admission committees will ask you to submit a biomedical science personal statement or biomedical statement of purpose, letters of recommendations and academic transcripts. Be also ready to show a professionally created CV and copies of certificates, if you have any. Though the most crucial thing in your application is a personal statement. See how our Personal Statement Writers created a biomedical science personal statement based on applicant’s responses.

Quick list of application questions (click to see the answer):

What program do you desire to participate in?

program you desire to participate inI grow up in a family where most of my elder siblings participated in the biomedical science field. This has caught my attention and interest to work in the same field as they do. I know there’s a big task ahead of me, but I’m more than willing to take on the challenge. The best part about it is that my sisters are helping me accomplish the requirements I need to submit to the university admissions committee that include the personal statement.

When I earned my degree in surgery after finishing a tough internship program, I chose to join the residency program the medical school offered. Though there is some surgeon who chose not, I made this choice in order for me to go through the rigorous training that the school offers. Right now, I am enjoying my time as a resident completely and I’m very thankful for the knowledge and skills that I’m learning each day.

Why have you picked this program or field of study?

why this programBiomedical science has always been the apple of my eye ever since I was a child. I’m amazed as to how biomedical science professionals discover new things that’s helpful in our daily lives. I’m looking forward to the things that I contribute to the success of the program and the things I can contribute after I graduated from it.

What assets do you have that will make you a good candidate for the program?

what makes you a good candidateI think my courage and desire to complete the program is what puts me ahead. The fact that I also have the willingness to learn things about biomedical science also gives me an edge compared to my fellow candidates. In addition, I have the capacity to learn and be educated by the best biomedical science professionals in the nation today.

What past experiences lead you to believe you will be a good fit for the program?

why you are a good fitAside from the fact that my elder siblings work in the field of biomedical science, I’m really a fan of the programs I see on TV concerning this field. It has always caught my attention and my interest to join this field. In addition, my siblings have also encouraged me to join this field. As far as I can see, they’re really enjoying their time as well as the rewards their getting from the companies they work for like traveling abroad.

What are your short-term goals?

short-term goalsMy short-term goals are to finish my studies as a biomedical science student within the specified program period and go through a residency program. I believe that this would help me become a better professional once I graduate from the program.

What are your long-term goals?

long-term goalsMy long-term goals include working with one of the top biomedical companies in the nation today. In addition, I want to help develop innovations in the field that hasn’t been done yet. I think this would make my career a worthwhile one.

Is there anything else you would like include in your statement?

personal statement supplementI know I’ve got to state in my personal statement. One thing that I would like to say is I know graduating from the program would help me a lot in terms of establishing my career, but having the desire and eagerness to graduate from the program is what I wanted to stress here. I know that the university biomedical science program have seen lots of success and I know I can contribute positive things for the program to receive continued success.

What is your greatest academic/professional accomplishment?

greatest personal accomplishmentBeing the president of a science club president of our school for two years is one of my greatest achievements academically. Being elected as president for two consecutive years goes to show my leadership qualities, this is also, what I’m looking forward to bring into the program.

What do you hope to contribute to the program?

personal contributionThe fact that students who chose to join the program are mostly smart enough to contribute into the success of the program, I know that my best contribution to it is that I’m not just willing to lead, but I’m also willing to be a follower of those who prove to be a good example for students like me.

Did you provide the necessary information to respond to the specific items required by the school you are applying to for your personal statement? (If the school wants you to reference specific information, please make sure you provided me with the personal details about you to do so.)

additional personal statementYes, I did give the school all the information the school needs from me. Before I submitted the things they require from me, I double-checked it and made sure that I provided a clear and concise answer. I also used an up-to-date format regarding my personal statement.

And here is a biomedical science personal statement created by our writers based on these responses:

The human body is a very intricate machine, and the minute interactions that compose our consciousness are still very mysterious. As a student of the sciences, I am awestruck every day by the new discoveries highlighting aspects of physiology that have never been imagined. Since I was a kid, I have always been surrounded by science – my family is composed of all biomedical scientists. They have fostered in me an intense appreciation and dedication to elucidating scientific concepts. I graduated with a degree in surgery because I am passionate about the biomedical field, and I hope to demonstrate it through the Biomedical Sciences program at your University.The intricacies of biomedical science can only be learned through experience and diligence.

I chose to pursue a residency in surgery because I knew it would further my knowledge and experience in a very challenging field. Many of my classmates chose to avoid this path, but I felt that as a professional it was my duty to know as much about the field as possible. With entry into your biomedical sciences program, I hope to be able to increase my understanding even more. The biomedical field is a very fast-paced and exciting one, and I greatly hope to be able to contribute new ideas and innovation to the arena.

The biomedical sciences field is a very challenging one, integrating concepts from all areas of study. I am very well versed in the medical field already through my time in studying surgery, and I look forward to the challenge of pushing myself academically and personally as part of the biomedical sciences program. The ability to learn from some of the greatest physicians in the nation excites me greatly, and I will take the opportunity to network with classmates and faculty. This degree will allow me to pursue my professional goal of working for a biomedical company,  developing new treatments to keep people running in the best condition possible so that they can realize their true potential.

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