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Writing a Dental School Personal Statement with Our Writers

Dental School Personal StatementApplication for a dentistry program can be very easy if you are confident in your documents. Dental school personal statement is one of the most important documents you will need to submit when applying to any dental school. It may either answer specific questions suggested by the school or college, or narrate your personal story. See how our writers completed a personal statement for dental school sample based on customer’s replies.

Quick list of application questions (click to see the answer):

What program do you desire to participate in?

program you desire to participate inBeing a kid, we all have different aspirations in life. However, my dream to become a successful dentist hasn’t change at all. Though most people says that you can’t find financial success in this profession, I would still prefer to graduate and be an expert in this field, seeing kids having a great smile in their faces is most important to me than anything else.

Why have you picked this program or field of study?

why this programWhen I told my friends that I wanted to pursue a career in dentistry, they were all laughing and somewhat hesitant about the fact that I’m going to pursue this field. Well, not only that my mom were able to establish her career as a financially dentist, it would be my pleasure to provide my expertise as a dentist to those who’s unable to consult a dentist due to financial reasons.

What assets do you have that will make you a good candidate for the program?

what makes you a good candidateWhat makes me a highly qualified candidate for the program is because I’m willing to lay it all on the line to become an expert in this field. I know that some would say being successful in a field of study depends on the school they attend to, I actually think the same, but success won’t come without the passion and desire of one person to succeed in their field of choice.

What past experiences lead you to believe you will be a good fit for the program?

why you are a good fitAside from the success that my mom had as a dentist, I’ve seen people who just went to a dentist and had their tooth extracted be in a condition where they seem to forget who they are and where they are because of the drug use in the operation done to them. I know those are safe, but I would want to develop some kind of drug that won’t cause those situations.

What are your short-term goals?

short-term goalsMy short-term goals are to graduate and complete the program at a dentistry school. I’d like to prove that I’m capable of handling the tough task ahead of me in pursuing my studies as a dentist. I’d like to be an inspiration of success for my younger siblings.

What are your long-term goals?

long-term goalsAside from exceeding the success that my mom was able to achieve, I’d also like to prove my friends wrong about the fact that being a dentist don’t present an opportunity for one to grow as a professional. In addition, I’d like to encourage young kids that being a dentist is a reputable and admirable one. I’d like to see myself owning dentistry clinics all over the United States, if not the world.

Is there anything else you would like included in your statement?

personal statement supplementThe only thing that I would like to include in my personal statement is to express my deepest gratitude about the fact that my mom was able to raise us well due to her choice of pursuing a career as a dentist. It actually inspired me to do well if not exceed what she was able to achieve for herself and her family.

What is your greatest academic/professional accomplishment?

greatest personal accomplishmentMy greatest achievement as a student doesn’t just indicate my achievements as a constant honor student, but due to the simple things that I was able to do for my fellow students back in high school. I remember one time when I was able to help convince my classmate back in grade school to have his aching tooth extracted.

What do you hope to contribute to the program?

personal contributionI’m hoping to make some innovations about certain process regarding dentistry and the drugs used in certain operations. In addition, I’m also looking to make an improvement to the design of the equipment used in performing dentistry operations. That and many other things is what I want to achieve as a successful dentist.

Did you provide the necessary information to respond to the specific items required by the school you are applying to for your personal statement? (If the school wants you to reference specific information, please make sure you provided me with the personal details about you to do so.)

additional personal statementI believe I was able to provide the dentistry school all the information they require from me to indicate on my personal essay. I was able to accomplish my essay is unique, concise and one that’s not boring. I ensured that it’s appealing and straight to the point.

Below you may check a dental school personal statement sample written by the answers:

A beautiful smile can change a person’s entire demeanor. I had firsthand experience with this phenomenon in my mother’s dental office by watching her patients. I encountered people that were constantly shy and withdrawn at the start of their treatments, and emerged not only with changed teeth, but with personality changes and confidence as well. Some patients completely transformed into outgoing and charismatic individuals following their dental procedures. Their new smiles helped them to really enjoy life, and I hope to be able to share that same joy with others. I hope to be able to create life-changing smiles, and dental school will provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to achieve my dreams.

Not only is my interest in dentistry a personal one, it also is a very scientific interest as well. While in my mother’s dental office, I observed many people who had to undergo anesthesia for their treatments. Although they are generally deemed as safe, the use of these drugs is still widely debated. Part of my interest in dentistry is my determination to develop newer and safer drug formulations that will allow patients to feel more at ease during their dental visits. Additionally, I would like to encourage others to pursue studies in the field. I have always been grateful to my mother for her role in inspiring a love for dentistry in me, and I hope to be able to impart that same feeling in others.

Dentistry requires not only knowledge and critical thinking, but the ability to apply those skills through dexterity. The ability to work efficiently and safely with teeth is only obtained through careful practice. I hope to be able to obtain significant hands-on experience during my time at dental school. Combined with the knowledge I will gain specific to the field of orthodontics, dental school will teach me how to effectively and accurately create beautiful smiles that can change lives.

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