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Writing a Fellowship Personal Statement with Our Writers

Fellowship Personal StatementFellowship application shouldn’t become one of the toughest parts in your medical career! In fact, fellowship application, even through ERAS can be very easy if you have complete application documents right by your hand. Our writers know how to create a perfect fellowship personal statement. See how to they created a personal statement for fellowship based on applicant’s answers.

Quick list of application questions (click to see the answer):

What program do you desire to participate in?

program you desire to participate inAs a child, I always want to become a pilot, but growing up also led me to desire in becoming a cardiology expert. That and many other reasons led to me to participate in a cardiology fellowship program. I know that it’s going to be a long and tough road for me to go through, but I’m willing to go through all that just to earn what I wanted in life.

Why have you picked this program or field of study?

why this programI chose to join a cardiology fellowship program, because it can help me become an even more successful cardiology. Not just because of what it can do for me, but also about the things that I can contribute for the continued success of the program.

What assets do you have that will make you a good candidate for the program?

what makes you a good candidateCardiology is a complicated and complex part of the medical expert’s world. Others would say that they have the interest to do well at it, but I want to become the best in this field. With the passion and focus that I have to succeed, I know that I’m going to be able to achieve all that so that I can make my fellow experts proud of the services we provide and to serve as an inspiration for young kids who wish to establish a stable and successful professional career.

What past experiences lead you to believe you will be a good fit for the program?

why you are a good fitI just graduated from high school back then, my dad and I had planned to move out of town and move to another city so that he can be near me while I study. Unfortunately, he was injured and had to stay at home in our farm. I made a promise to my dad that I’m going to come home as a successful cardiology expert.

What are your short-term goals?

short-term goalsMy short=term goals includes that I become an inspiration for my fellow students to succeed in this field and contribute positive things for the program to continue receiving praises throughout the medicine world. This would help not just me to become successful, but also for the program and my fellow students to achieve all our goals no matter how different it may be.

What are your long-term goals?

long-term goalsMy long-term goals include that I get to lead my fellow experts to discover innovations regarding the treatment of fatal diseases that concern cardiology experts. This involves bypass heart surgery procedures that poses risks that patients have to go through in getting the operation done.

Is there anything else you would like included in your statement?

personal statement supplementOther than me being so interested to succeed in the program, I also would like to make cardiology atop the world of medical professionals. I know it may sound crazy, but I think it’s achievable. I also look to establish myself as a humanitarian whenever needed, most especially in third world countries.

What is your greatest academic/professional accomplishment?

greatest personal accomplishmentMy academic career has seen a lot of ups and downs, most especially when I was starting high school. At first, I was afraid or shy in meeting new friends. However, I was able to overcome that and hope to do the same in terms of providing my services to remote areas where most experts wouldn’t go.

What do you hope to contribute to the program?

personal contributionAside from making the program a preference or choice by students who wish to establish a successful professional career, I would like people; especially young kids to know the importance of what cardiology experts play in the lives of many. I want this profession, even though this is already a reputable and respectable one, I would like it to become an even more desirable medical field.

Did you provide the necessary information to respond to the specific items required by the school you are applying to for your personal statement? (If the school wants you to reference specific information, please make sure you provided me with the personal details about you to do so.)

additional personal statementI was able to provide the school all things they need for me to include in my personal essay. I was able to indicate all data required in a precise, concise and unique that would make it appealing to the admissions committee. I was able to highlight all necessary information that would make my personal essay stand out.

Check a fellowship personal statement created by our writers based on these answers:

The heart is such a delicate organ – and yet it is vital for sustaining life. My father developed a heart problem while I was in high school, requiring me to move to be closer to him. At that time, I had wanted to become a pilot; however, my father’s condition sparked my interest in cardiology. I then diligently pursued studies in biology and physiology, continuing on to medical school. My professional goal is to become a cardiologist that is able to treat heart defects before they can negatively impact a person’s life. A fellowship in cardiology will provide me with the experience I need to diagnose and treat future patients.In my undergraduate studies, I volunteered and became certified as an EMT. I worked to resuscitate victims, control arterial bleeding, and defibrillate people whose hearts had stopped. It was very emotionally painful for me as well, and I wondered how much suffering would have been saved if people with heart defects could be diagnosed and treated before the symptoms manifested. I decided to go to medical school because I wanted to be able to treat patients with cardiac diseases, especially those that were at risk of having more serious symptoms.

In order to become a successful cardiologist, I have to know my craft well. The human biology is extremely difficult to understand, and there are many holes in our current knowledge of human physiology. In my time volunteering at the hospital, I have seen many situations in which the doctors had to make clutch decisions in order to save the lives of patients. When I become a cardiologist, I anticipate that I will have those situations as well. It is my goal to use the experience gained through this cardiology fellowship to elevate my craft to become amongst the world’s greatest.

Having hard time writing your own fellowship personal statement? Don’t hesitate to ask our writers to help you out!

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