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Writing a Law School Personal Statement with Our Writers

Law School Personal StatementApplication to law school is one of the greatest challenges in life. But it can be easily overcome if you are confident in your application documents. Without a doubt law school personal statement is one of them. Competition at top law schools is extremely high and you need to make sure that your law personal statement stands out from the crowd! Check how our writers create law school personal statements based on applicant’s responses.

Quick list of application questions (click to see the answer):

What program do you desire to participate in?

program you desire to participate inGrowing in a society where there are many choices available for students like me to participate in college. I wanted to try something new that’s why I decided to get into a law school program. My mom and dad were both in the medicine field. At first, they were trying to convince me to do the same, but I seek to establish a career graduating from a law school.

Why have you picked this program or field of study?

why this programChoosing between university programs that I can join is a tough and challenging task, but I decided to participate in a law school program because I know I can establish a successful career after I graduate from the course. In addition, law programs remains to be one of the best ways from which students can establish a successful financial life.

What assets do you have that will make you a good candidate for the program?

what makes you a good candidateAs a person, I know that I’m a fighter and one that don’t easily give up. I think that makes me highly qualified to be a lawyer or law professional. Aside from that, I know that no one can persuade me regarding a decision I have to make, which I think is also a requirement for anyone to be a successful law professional.

What past experiences lead you to believe you will be a good fit for the program?

why you are a good fitAs a student in high school, I’ve always been a part of the debate team. With most of the competitions I’ve joined, I was able to come out as a champion. Debating and making a case for what I believed in based on facts and information is going to help me a lot in finding success to become a successful law professional.

What are your short-term goals?

short-term goalsMy short-term include that I contribute positive things for the program to continue enjoying the success that it has seen in the past. I’m also looking to be a model to my fellow students in helping them complete the program and graduate within the time required.

What are your long-term goals?

long-term goalsWith regard to my long-term goals, I would want to own my own law firm in the future. I’m looking to serve and render my services to victims of fraud and financial injustice. I know going to serve them well and give them justice within a lease possible time.

Is there anything else you would like include in your statement?

personal statement supplementOther than the things I mentioned, I would like to indicate that I’m not just looking to become a lawyer. If I’m fortunate enough, I would like to serve in the Supreme Court so that I can handle and work with bigger cases. What I meant is to go into the national scene and not just within a certain state.

What is your greatest academic/professional accomplishment?

greatest personal accomplishmentMy greatest professional accomplishment is the time when I was able to stand up for my friends and siblings whenever someone is embarrassing them. There was an instance where I have to exchange words with my sister’s husband who’s trying to use the family’s budget into gambling. I know I didn’t do so well at that time, but I believe studying at a law school would teach how to defend someone in an instance like that.

What do you hope to contribute to the program?

personal contributionI’m looking to inspire my fellow students to become more focus and tough as a person as well as matters that concerns our study. I know that law schools present a greater challenge in terms of curriculum compared to other programs. I’m going to show them that no matter how hard it may be, having a focused and tough mindset would come out on as a winner.

Did you provide the necessary information to respond to the specific items required by the school you are applying to for your personal statement? (If the school wants you to reference specific information, please make sure you provided me with the personal details about you to do so.)

additional personal statementI did provide all the necessary facts that the law school required from me. I made sure that they wouldn’t doubt and have any second thoughts in accepting my application for the law school program. In addition, I used an up-to-date format in creating my personal essay so that I can present all the information I’ve included in my personal essay clearly.

And below you may see a law school personal statement created by our writers based on these answers:

Since I was a child, I have always been very devoted to the subject of justice. I have known many victims of fraudulent activities who have lost their homes and livelihoods by falling victim to financial schemes. However, I have also seen these victims rise above their circumstances and continue working hard. Through their example, I have striven to always succeed academically, knowing that I wanted to become someone who stood up for others. There are fundamental rights that every citizen in America is entitled to, and I want to ensure that these rights cannot be taken away. I want to attend law school because I want to become a voice of justice for those who have no voice.I have always had a knack for debating, and I am eager to apply my skills to the field of law. As part of the debate team at my high school, I was fully engrossed by the art and logic involved in fabricating a sequence of arguments to prove a point. It came very naturally to me, and I quickly rose to become the debate champion because of my passion for debate. When I become a lawyer, I am determined to apply my skills to obtaining justice for those who have been victimized. There is no equality for all when one portion of the population is not being respected for the citizens they are.Law school will give me the tools I need to become a successful fraud and financial injustice lawyer. It will train me in the logical devices and methods I will need to know in order to navigate the tricky maze of civil rights litigations, while respecting the rights of all citizens. I aim to open my own law firm in the future to gain experience until I can eventually serve as a judge in courts of law. I hope to hone my knowledge of individual rights and my ability to fight for them, because they will help me achieve my goals of becoming not only a world-class lawyer, but eventually a symbol for equality and justice.

Are you looking for a custom written law school personal statement? Don’t hesitate to contact our writers for professional help today!

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