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Writing a Residency Personal Statement with Our Writers

Residency Personal StatementResidency application shouldn’t be a pain! Writing a personal statement for residency may become an easy thing if you have outlined your ideas and completed a structured draft of your document. Make sure you’ve shortlisted your medical experience and relevant education in an interesting way and developed a personal story at the same time. Below you may see sample answers on residency application personal statement questions we ask on the order form.

Quick list of application questions (click to see the answer):

What program do you desire to participate in?

program you desire to participate inA surgery residency program is always my choice in joining a university program. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always admired the doctors or surgeons. I know that it’s going to be tough, but I’m willing to lay it all on the line so that I can become a successful surgeon someday. I know it’s going to take a lot of courage and toughness, but I believe I can make it.

Why have you picked this program or field of study?

why this programThere are many reasons why I chose to study and be a part of a surgeon residency program. One thing that helped made my choice easier is the fact that my parents support my decision. Though they’ve become successful in the field of engineering, they didn’t try to persuade me to participate in the same program.

What assets do you have that will make you a good candidate for the program?

what makes you a good candidateThe only thing I know that makes me highly qualified in terms of becoming a good candidate for the program is the fact that I have the passion to succeed in this field. Surgeon residency programs present a lot of trials and hardship, but I don’t mind going through all that. I’m here to succeed. Nothing can stop me from completing the program and being a successful surgeon after graduating from it.

What past experiences lead you to believe you will be a good fit for the program?

why you are a good fitWhen I was 10 years old, my grandmother needs an operation to remove some kidney stones that threatened her life. She was too old to go through an operation like that, but the surgeon who handled the surgery process for her was good. Even though she already passed away a couple of years ago, I’m thankful to that surgeon, because my grandmother was able to attend my high school graduation. I’m looking to do the same for other people.

What are your short-term goals?

short-term goalsMy short-term goals includes that I contribute to the continued success of the program and the community. I believe I can do that by showing my fellow students that even though surgeon residency programs are as tough as steel, a passionate and focused student can still succeed from it.

What are your long-term goals?

long-term goalsMy long-term include that I get to discover new and innovative ways that can help save the lives of patients that are suffering from illnesses or medical conditions that require surgery. I’m looking to find new ways to do surgery in a cheaper and safer way so that we, as surgeons, can help eliminate death due to malpractices and complicated surgery procedures.

Is there anything else you would like included in your statement?

personal statement supplementOne thing that I would like to include in my personal statement is that I am totally into being a successful and well-recognized surgeon, not just in the United States, but also throughout the whole world. I would to put my name on the map as well as the school that I graduated.

What is your greatest academic/professional accomplishment?

greatest personal accomplishmentMy greatest academic achievement is the fact that I was able to graduate as a an honor student from high school, which I think is also possible even if I have to go through a lot of tough times as I participate in a surgery residency program.

What do you hope to contribute to the program?

personal contributionI hope that I can inspire other people to get involved in this field. Though most people would say that this program is tough and challenging one, I’m going to show them that after all that success will come next. Being a surgeon means saving lives for me and I’m going to tell anyone who asks me why I chose to participate in it.

Did you provide the necessary information to respond to the specific items required by the school you are applying to for your personal statement? (If the school wants you to reference specific information, please make sure you provided me with the personal details about you to do so.)

additional personal statementI was able to provide all the necessary information that the school requires from me. In addition, I was able to give them a precise, concise and appealing personal essay, which I think is necessary. I was also able to make a good presentation of, not just myself as a part of the program, but for all the good things that I can contribute for its continued success.

And below you may check a sample residency personal statement completed by our writers:

Surgery is probably one of the most stressful and complicated procedures that a human can perform on another human. I remember the time my grandmother required surgery to remove kidney stones. It was an extremely risky procedure due to her advanced age, but the surgeon who worked with her managed to successfully complete the surgery while leaving a great mark on our family. Not only was he greatly talented, he also showed genuine care for my grandmother and for us. I have always seen doctors as people that dedicate themselves to alleviating the pain of others, and it is for that reason I am determined to complete my residency in surgery and become a surgeon.

The intricacies of surgery can only be learned through experience and diligence. During my grandmother’s illness, I spent a lot of time with the various doctors in the ward. Through my experiences, I have come to understand that doctors are also very much human – they make mistakes, they create miracles, and they feel all the same things patients do. One doctor told me that the best part of his day was not just being able to successfully treat a patient, but rather being part of their extraordinary journey. As a doctor, I would strive to provide not only the most dedicated care but also make an effort to get to know each patient.

A residency in surgery will not be easy, and I don’t expect it to be. Surgeons must learn to work under circumstances of extreme stress, and I look forward to the challenge of pushing myself academically and personally. The ability to learn from some of the greatest physicians in the nation excites me greatly, and I hope to be able to become a world-renowned surgeon that can enhance the reputation of the school I graduated from. I want to keep people running in the best condition possible so that they can realize their true potential.

Want to make your residency application outstanding? Let our writers create a perfect residency personal statement for you!

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