Carnegie Mellon University Admissions

Carnegie Mellon University, also known as Carnegie Mellon or CMU, is a private research university founded in 1900 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The university provides education to 6,223 undergraduate students and 6,685 postgraduate students. CMU is most recognized for its Academic programs in Humanities and Social sciences, Biomedical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering.

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Admission To-Do List

  • GRE scores
  • Test Scores
  • GPA 3.0
  • Transcripts
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • SAT or ACT
  • Common Application essay personal statement
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Official high school transcript
  • Common Application


Writing Supplement:
It’s misleading that the personal statement is called a “personal” statement, since what admission committees are really looking for is a research statement. What admission committees want is a statement about what research you have done, what research you hope to do, and why you like research. See more

Application Deadlines

December 1
Fall, Undergraduate
Fall/Spring, Graduate

Famous Graduates

John Forbes Nash


Charles Erwin Wilson


Advice on Personal Statement for Carnegie Mellon University Admissions

The Carnegie Mellon University personal statement is generally a typed one-page, single-spaced essay. It is the applicant's way of communicating something about themselves to the admissions committee. Style and grammar is a very important part of the essay, and the essay should focus mainly on the applicant's development of strength, personality, and their experiences. The structure is very important and it helps the writer stay focused throughout the entire essay. All essays should be unique and display passion. All applicants should proofread their work beforehand to check for spelling errors. When writing a personal statement, you have to create a quick and short message written at the end of the document is known as Call-to-Action. The purpose of composing such brief text content is to let the admission committee know what to do now? It can either allow them to choose you or give a chance for an interview session. Also, they can only move by ignoring the message. The Mellon University is the one that highly considers PS for selection of students.