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About the University

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, often referred to as CUHK is a public university founded in 1963 in Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong. The university provides education to 11,255 undergraduate students and  3,060 postgraduate students. CUHK is most recognized for its research and degrees in Engineering Science, Social Science, Business Administration, Education, Medicine, and Arts.

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Admission To-Do List

  • Transcript Submission Covering Sheet
  • Application fee HK$300
  • Referee’s Report
  • Confidential Recommendation
  • Certificates of academic/professional qualifications
  • Transcripts
  • College English Test
  • Statement of purpose
  • One recommendation letter


Writing Supplement:
The statement of purpose should state why you want to pursue a postgraduate degree in anthropology and what courses or thesis you want to complete. MPhil applicants should describe what research they hope to conduct. You are not committed to this plan, but it is important to see whether your interests match the department's interests and staff specialties. The statement should list your strengths and why you are suitable for the project. It should not beg or request help; we do not admit students as a favor or because we like them, but because they are the strongest candidates. See more

Our Sample

Application Deadlines

January 2
Full year, undergraduate
December 2
Autumn, graduate

Famous Graduates

Man-Kwong CHEUNG


Shing-Tung Yau


Advice on Personal Statement for Chinese University of Hong Kong Admissions

The Chinese University of Hong Kong personal statement needs to focus on the applicant's skills and specialties. They need to demonstrate a deep understanding to the program in which they are applying for, because this helps the Committee know that they are well-suited for the program. The applicant should make the essay personal so the Committee can get to know them and find out what makes them unique. All essays should be planned ahead of time and well thought out. Applicants should take time to proofread their work before they submit it. The major advice for writing a Personal Statement is to make sure you tie any comments returned to you and the courses you’re making use of to. So while you could ask a chum for their recommendation or examine declaration templates online, what works for someone else gained not necessarily give you the results you want. The Chinese University of Hong Kong considers that a PS can either give you success in admission or not.